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  1. (eG-friendly Amazon.com link) Has been earning its place on my kitchen counter for sixteen years.
  2. Last night a friend took me to an Oaxacan restaurant, or at least a Mexican restaurant owned by an Oaxacan. I had chile relleno. Quite good. If I had to guess I'd say the pepper was poblano. But this was in Princeton, not Puebla. Years ago the restaurant owner mentioned half the population from his small town in Oaxaca now live in Princeton. He once told me most of his supplies and ingredients came from upstate New York.
  3. In my life I've never been inside a Trader Joe's but at least two thirds of my internet time while at home is spent on Amazon. And that after I boycotted Amazon for several years. Still, at least from the WSJ article, Amazon's methods with regards to Trader Joe's snacks struck me as unethical.
  4. I love the taste of grouper but I had a pet grouper for about a year, which makes me hesitate to order grouper at a restaurant.
  5. Joy of Cooking Sour Cream Apple Cake Soufflé Cockaigne. One of my favorites.
  6. Isn't genoise baked in a thin layer on a sheet pan or jellyroll pan?
  7. Construction is proceeding apace. Humongous earth moving machines. I've never seen construction on this scale before. I may yet live to see the new Whole Foods. Maybe even shop there. Far enough away that I won't hear or see it, but close enough that I should be able to walk there. Closer even than the local Shoprite. For anyone wondering, this is the Whole Foods in Montgomery, next to the Princeton Airport (which is not in Princeton).
  8. I never said there was a difficulty with the clock. My problem is that I can't read the type of rice without a magnifier.
  9. I shall never again invent a new method to cook basmati in my Zojirushi. The Zojirushi display is not always the easiest for me to read. About half way through the cycle I realized the rice type was set to "Brown". I pressed cancel but the little elephant got quite upset. Unplugging didn't help. Eventually I was able to select "keep warm".
  10. I have a shower mat arriving today to put under the new refrigerator. The refrigerator door gets stuck on the bedroom rug. But be careful. When I've done cooking in the bathroom it trips the circuit breaker.
  11. I seldom listen to music while cooking, as with my schedule I usually have dinner long after normal people and my neighbors are in bed. If I do, it's most likely something by Laura Love. But for the past many months I've been preparing my mai tai to All the Good Times by Gillian Wech and David Rawlings. I love Rawlings' cover of Dylan's Senor. Can't say I ever cared for Dylan's original. To accompany said mai tai, as at the moment, invariably the playlist features Mary Gauthier, almost always her album Mercy Now. If I'm imbibing slowly Janis Ian may have a spot.
  12. Cuisinart makes a dedicated Parmesan grating disc. I got mine on the recommendation of @andiesenji. Though most recently I've been using a mandoline for Parmesan. Before that I was using my box grater with star cutting holes. In the unlikely event I needed a humongous amount of Parmesan I'd dig out the Cuisinart. But to be clear, the only way I'd process hard cheese in the Cuisinart would be with the Parmesan grating disc. Any other method is asking for injury at best.
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