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  1. (I suspect as above.) Alas, if he sent a natural sharpening stone, I never use it.
  2. Plus it gives me an idea for plating.
  3. Pleased to report after some weeks of tomato products the MEPAL bowl cleaned up easily in the sink with but a little drop of Dawn. No stain, no odors. No need to use the dishwasher. I did misspeak: I believe my color is Nordic Blue, not Nordic Green.
  4. For stock, I would agree. I'm not so sure chili would be favored by a thin steel pot. I foresee a future of burnt bottoms and much Bar Keepers Friend.
  5. I've never seen a glowing pot but can you really see through a glass lid when it is in the oven? I don't dislike glass lids, I have several.
  6. Choose titanium. Titanium combusts before it melts. I own a lot of Cuisinart cookware. The Cuisinart welds are not so good (which is to say they fail) and the Cuisinart disc bottoms are thin. I forgot to explain, I do not prefer glass lids. I only mentioned that the Fissler glass lids are pretty. And indeed they are. Unless you are braising Schrodinger's cat, stainless steel lids would be preferable in almost every situation.
  7. Through cruel circumstance sometimes one has to make do, however I wouldn't reach for a stockpot for preparing stew. Enameled cast iron would be my choice by far. Le Creuset and the enameled cast iron knockoffs are practically non-stick. My 30cm/12inch Le Creuset is large enough for leftovers. If that means your extended family would be starving order the 34cm Le Creuset. You could feed an orphanage. On the other hand if I were making stock I'd select a proper stockpot.
  8. @orbisvicis I assume you have read through https://forums.egullet.org/topic/25717-understanding-stovetop-cookware/ and the resulting Q&A discussions. My 18 quart Sitram stock pot is lovely and was embarrassingly cheap. Over a few years I have used it exactly once. Please be sure you have a need for a large stockpot. In contrast one of my most utilized and beloved pots is no-name, made in Italy, 9 quart stainless steel stockpot purchased from Pottery Barn, about forty years ago. It makes the Sitram look expensive. But really, my recommendation is to determine the size pot you really need and buy a Fissler. Fissler is the bargain brand in high-end cookware. Their glass lids are beautiful. You can thank me later.
  9. JoNorvelleWalker

    Dinner 2021

    Pizza. But not in a good way. As Dylan has said: "And when finally the bottom fell out I became withdrawn." This weekend I may clean the oven, or possibly I may not.
  10. I have a copy home from work. Have not started in on it.
  11. When I left for work this afternoon there was a FedEx package on my doorstep. (I was expecting a DHL delivery, but that's a different topic.) All evening I kept wondering what was in the FedEx box. Now I know. I must say it looks like a sturdy pan.
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