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  1. Chicken Cacciatore:





    I am not ashamed.  The chicken was thoroughly dysonized* and hence not rubbery in the least.



    *Benjamin Dreyer's Dreyer's English informs that a proper noun used as a verb is indeed not capitalized.**


    **and Dreyer loves footnotes almost as much as I.



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  2. 9 minutes ago, Tri2Cook said:

    Disclaimer: everything I said above can be completely discarded when you start talking professional or high volume... but I'm not a professional or even a particularly well-versed amateur.. :D


    Speaking as a high volume amateur without strong hands, one of the first purchases I would consider is:





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  3. After a disappointing repast of rubbery tough chicken, greasy mashed potatoes, OK frozen peas, and not nearly enough cranberry sauce -- a delightful glass of green Chartreuse V.E.P.  Reserved for necessitous times like these.



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  4. 10 hours ago, dcarch said:


    What's the indoor temperature?

    Peas like around 70F for growing. Yours look like mine in the summer.





    Yes, that's why I thought the problem might be heat stress.  It gotten as high as 81F in here.  The peas I'm growing are Kelvedon Wonder.


    On a related note a different pea seedling has been consumed with white fungus.  Should I rinse everything down with bleach?  I don't think I'll assay any more peas indoors as It's close to time for planting outdoors on the balcony.


  5. Trout, avocado*, coleslaw, Soave, bread, pistachio gelato, Maraschino cherry not shown.  As much as I like trout, one trout order from Prime Now is three dinners' worth for me.


    *avocado not shown because there wasn't one.


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  6. Tonight trout, avocado, coleslaw, Soave, bread, pistachio gelato, Maraschino cherry....








    Gelato and Maraschino cherry not shown.  You know what Soave looks like, don't you?


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  7. Tonight -- this time mixed two and a half minutes speed 1, four minutes speed 2:





    The last couple weeks I've been using slightly higher hydration, which I find allows the dough hook to grab better at lower mixer speeds.  Oh, and for what it's worth this is ten minutes of steam for the boule.


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  8. Tonight trout, avocado, coleslaw, Soave, bread, pistachio gelato, Maraschino cherry....







    Trout, avocado, coleslaw, Soave not shown.


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  9. 10 hours ago, Kerry Beal said:

    I'm working on him for a better lid for the little bowl - no joy so far!




    You could vaquform one!


    Seriously a better lid would be a big improvement.  I love the little bowl, it is so much easier to work with than the big bowl.  Last night I even thought about getting a second one but I was saved from temptation because they are out of stock.


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  10. I'm embarrassed that I've never gotten around to using my mini bowl until now.  I seasoned with the sugar method.  There was powdered sugar even inside my chamber vacuum sealer.  I was most impressed.


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