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  1. 16 minutes ago, Duvel said:

    Emergency pizza with leftovers: AP flour, yoghurt, salt and baking powder, 5 min with hand mixer, shaped and thrown into a screaming hot pan, about 1-1.5 min per side. Topped with whatever was in the fridge (in this case bacon/sweet corn for one, cooked chicken and onion, augmented with gyros spice, for the other one). Gratinated under a hot grill. 

    The little one was happy, albeit confused (Pizza night is Sunday) ... and I am content to be able to make eatable pizzas in less than 20 min 😋




    What's that that looks like corn?


  2. 22 minutes ago, gfweb said:

    I compared riced vs traditionally mashed Yukon golds tonight. 


    Each has virtues. 


    Riced are smoother and accept the cream better. But they near the border of gumminess, like you get from food processor mashed. This is a classy restaurant product,  but somehow lacking. 


    Mashed incorporate the cream with difficulty, but taste ....cleaner...with no hint of gumminess.  


    The best product was when I mixed mashed and riced 50:50 




    Philistine.  Rice russets.  I put my russets through the ricer then scrape them through a tamis.  Incorporate warm milk, then butter.  Lots of butter.  But milk first.  Or Herve This will haunt you.


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  3. 9 hours ago, Okanagancook said:

    Vij's is a well known and loved restaurant started by Vikram and his wife quite a few years ago.  These are two books from them.  They are easy and very tasty.




    Vij's at Home is featured in this month's book display at our library with the theme of Asian cooking.  I'm pretty sure I've read it, but I'll double check to make sure.  Could be I am confusing it with Vij's.  (They could have made them different colors.)  Last weekend we dined at an Indian restaurant in New Jersey's little India, before stopping for Kwality ice cream.  My granddaughter and I had lamb vindaloo.  There were potatoes so the vindaloo may not have been authentic.  (She is not a fan of potatoes in curry.)  However the leftovers made a mighty fine meal for me when served with saffron rice.


    My son had a goat meat onion thickened curry, and my grandson and daughter-in-law had two different chicken curries.  When I prepare my poor attempts at Indian curry I never include meat, though I may serve grilled meat as a separate dish.  Japanese curry is a different story.


    Lovely topic, @David Ross

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  4. 52 minutes ago, HungryChris said:

    I spent days looking for some good looking porcinis, which I normally get by making it to market day, as early as possible, in Greve (Saturdays in the main square). The good porcinis disappear very quickly. Because the Chianti Wine Festival was in the square, this past Saturday, the market was a much smaller event and the porcini guy was conspicuous by his absence. It was not until our last day in Rapallo, that I spotted these in the nearby town of Santa Margheriti.


    Because we had already cleaned out the apartment fridge and emptied the trash, there would be no cooking or eating in the apartment we would be leaving early the next morning, I took these photos and walked away, heartbroken.

    But back to the porcini dish above. This was far and away the best porcini dish I had had this entire trip, with large wonderful slices of the unmistakably fresh funghi.

    I was so taken by the flavor, that as soon as I got back to our hotel in Rome, I went online and ordered a pound of dried porcini from Nuts.com to be sure it would be there shortly after we returned home.



    As much as I love nuts.com (a shipment arriving in a few hours), try porcini from parmashop.com...




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  5. It's not just Philadelphia.  This afternoon I found myself with no bread for my work sandwich so in dire hunger I stopped by the local Wawa for a hoagie.  Spiced wafers were prominently on display.  I would not have given spiced wafers second thought were it not for this thread.  Our area is north Jersey, if barely, and the cultural focus is much more on New York City.


    But sometimes you gotta have a Wawa.


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  6. 8 hours ago, paulraphael said:


    I'd start with an added emulsifier, like lecithin (find a brand that doesn't have a strong taste. Like WillPowder). Then a bit of stabilizer. I like to mix my own. For eggless ice creams, sometimes a little extra lambda carrageenan will give the same custardy mouthfeel as egg yolk. 


    I never said the Kwality flavors contain no eggs.  My son said the ice cream didn't contain eggs. And the sign said the cakes did not contain eggs.  If you told me what I ate was rich with golden yolks I'd just as soon believe you.


    Probably @mgaretz is right.  If I ever visit Kwality again I should politely ask.  Worst they could do is throw me out and tell me never to come back.


  7. 7 hours ago, Toliver said:

    So the Kindle Deals for cookbooks went from one page to nine pages all of a sudden. The listings may be worth looking through as I didn't post everything that may be of interest (some listings were slightly higher than bargain-priced, too).


    What is the link to the deals page?


  8. 1 minute ago, mgaretz said:


    I stand corrected.  But I'd go into one of the parlors and ask to see the ingredient list.   If they ask why, tell them food allergies.


    Must they share that information?  I would have asked but I thought the question might be rather rude.  Granted imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.  Not to mention the dipper was answering most questions in Hindi.


    Now that you mention it, there was a sign up that informed the ice cream is produced in a facility that processes nuts.  (Pistachio saffron is a flavor to remember.)


  9. 43 minutes ago, Okanagancook said:

    In terms of getting a softer ice cream, Alton Brown instructs to use Vodka...around 2 T per batch to help make ice cream soft.  I tried it and it doesn't help.  Can't comment on the rest as I am relatively new to ice cream making.  I did find this website very helpful and I think the fellow has posted on this thread.



    Years ago (well, 2012) I tried adding ethanol of one persuasion or another, as recommended by Rose Levy Beranbaum in The Cake Bible.  For me I found alcohol really did improve the texture:



    (First post of this topic.)


    A member replied suggesting icecreamscience.com (second post of this topic).  Funny how things come round!  I've been following Ruben's methods ever since.  Though not necessarily Ruben's recipes.  I like higher fat.  Ruben has posted here from time to time and I have been grateful for his insight.


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  10. 1 minute ago, Kerry Beal said:

    Jo - does he sell packaged ice cream with an ingredient list?


    No packaged ice cream that I could find.  The ice cream cakes have a sign that says egg free.  I looked around the store and the website but could find no information about ingredients further than "all natural".


  11. I have not been making ice cream in a while.  Yesterday I tasted (well, somewhat more than tasted) a commercial ice cream that I would like to rip off and recreate at home.  The brand is Kwality.  Kwality claims to be "all natural", whatever that may mean.  According to the NY Times the Kwality butterfat is 14 percent.  The ice cream is only slightly sweet.  Not cloying on the palate.  One could eat a lot.  My son asserted it did not contain eggs.


    The texture was perfect.  No iciness whatsoever and slow melting.  If I made up a batch of low sugar, 14 percent butter fat ice cream, no eggs...I would have a hard, grainy, poorly melting mess.


    Any thoughts on how they do it?  My best efforts at high fat eggless ice cream have been OK, sort of reminiscent of whipped cream, but they melt fast and don't store well at all.


  12. On ‎9‎/‎16‎/‎2018 at 11:04 AM, lindag said:


    I had a lifelong friend (in her fifties at the time) who was visiting me along with some other friends....

    As we were preparing dinner, she asked to help; I suggested she peel some garlic.

    She didn't know how.


    Not lifelong, but a friend of more than fifty years was visiting and suggested I just use the garlic skin and all.


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  13. Dinner tonight was my imagination of what Georgian pizza might be.  I started with CSO chicken:





    The pizza was Modernist Bread Neapolitan dough with summer savory and a typical Georgian sauce of garlic and walnuts, with mozzarella and cows' milk feta standing in for unobtainable unpasteurized Georgian soft cows' milk cheese.  Georgian bread typically encloses the cheeses in an envelope of dough, but this was pizza!





    This was an aggressive* full three minute bake so the bottom and top were charred.  In a delightfully good way.





    Served with Ramapo tomatoes.  Makes eight tomatoes for me so far today.  Thankfully the season should soon be over.




    *Oven shut down with an overheat condition.


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