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  1. Gardening: (2016 – 2017)

    I know everything is big in Texas but I never dreamed your tomatoes are so early! One of my plants has a little yellow flower. (Though I did harvest three strawberries this evening.)
  2. The Perfect Burger

    I lied. Through circumstance. Please forgive me. Tonight's burger was the best of the bunch. I only hope it is the Shingrix vaccine and not ebola.
  3. The Tiki Drink Discussion Topic (part 2)

    Tonight I felt like a zombie. You may read that as you will. Last night I received a Shingrix vaccination. Shingrix is a new shingles vaccine, but it comes with side effects. This evening I got home from work, lay down and enjoyed a nap. Then realized I was missing celery for my dinner.* Dinner was supposed to have been Bugialli's Lasagne al forno. Wishful thinking. I mused I could just stop by the store tomorrow after work. Couldn't I? Then I recalled the forecast. I put my boots back on and set off through the wetlands. An hour later I was headed home with my celery through the glomming. However (back to topic) I picked up a grapefruit. Not a white grapefruit, a red grapefruit was the best that I could do. So I won't call this a zombie. It is my desperate attempt at a zombie clone: 1 1/2 oz S&C 1 oz La Favorite Blanc 1/2 oz Neisson l'Esprit 1 oz Hamilton 151 1/4 oz Taylor's Falernum 1/2 oz Small Hand grenadine 10 ml tincture of cinnamon (made lovingly with W&N) 12 drops Jade 1901 1 (generous) dash Angostura juice of 1 lime juice of 1/4 fresh red grapefruit Comparing the prior ingredients with the above, this is an improvement, authenticity be dammed. Styrene no longer overpowers everything. Taylor's is just enough to say I added it. Sweetness is just right. The fever may yet pass. But if it does not I have a lovely knife collection. *not that I didn't write up a shopping list prominently including celery before I headed to the store last night.
  4. Cooking with Six Seasons by Joshua McFadden

    Pan temperature is not commonly specified in my cookbooks. Though Kenji is pretty good about specifying pan temperatures. Oddly Modernist Bread seems inconsistent. Some recipes specify a pan temperature, other recipes say only "medium" or somesuch. My annoyance with McFadden is that as a professional restaurant chef he probably has an exact temperature for that recipe -- which he does not share because he believes his audience has no way to measure it. Same thinking that has most American cookbook authors calling out for cups of flour in place of grams. Not to mention British books of not too long ago specifying temperature by gas marks.
  5. Anova Sous Vide Circulator (Part 3)

    My anova is not the original model, it is the one that has provision for calibration in firmware. I used to communicate with @Anova Jeff although I've not seen him around for a while. @rotuts has a theory. I'm not using a thermocouple but if you know of any measuring solutions more accurate than what HP or Thermoworks have to offer I'd be interested. Unfortunately however I've blown my thermometer budget for the month. My Thermoworks reads to 0.01F but as I said it is only accurate to 0.06F, except at the calibration points.
  6. Anova Sous Vide Circulator (Part 3)

    I do not have any such sticky residue problem with my anova. I suggest you reach out to their tech support.
  7. Anova Sous Vide Circulator (Part 3)

    "Out of whack" is not the best expression. More like "very close but not quite right." The Thermoworks is rated accurate to plus or minus 0.05C. If so the 55.0C bath is most likely between 55.10C and 55.20C. The supplied certificate of calibration says plus or minus 0.06F, plus instrument resolution. At the 104.00F calibration point the Thermoworks is off 0.03F. At the 158.00F calibration point it is off 0.04F. For fun I also tried the Thermapen MK4 while anovaing my eggs. It read the bath as 55.1C. While my new Thermoworks waterproof with penetration probe read the bath as 54.9-55.0.
  8. Anova Sous Vide Circulator (Part 3)

    I do a lot of cooking at 55C which is, I would say, a rather critical area. Since I'm pasteurizing some eggs at the moment I took the opportunity and measured the bath against my new Thermoworks. The anova reads 55C and the water measures 55.15C. Better, I guess, a little high than a little low. I wonder though if it's worth trying to adjust the anova so it matches the thermometer?
  9. Kitchen Thermometers

    Indeed. I have one. But it registers only to 300C.
  10. Kitchen Thermometers

    When my landlord got me a new oven I bought a probe with grate clip: https://www.thermoworks.com/TW-113-442-GC This worked wonderfully (notice how I avoided saying "great") for profiling the oven. Indeed, I found a problem with an oven firmware setting. (Though if your oven hasn't a thermostat it may not have much firmware.) I do not leave the probe in the oven all the time. If the stove belonged to me I would find or make a hole and bring the probe cable out the back so I could monitor temperature all the time. As it is, the cable coming out the side of the oven door is inconvenient. But for me the probe did it's job. I have a WiFi readout so I was able to graph the oven on my iPad. For your application various Thermoworks mounting methods are magnetic. You could stick the readout right on the outside of the stove. The grate clip is not hard to mount. There are also clip on oven probes.
  11. Kitchen Thermometers

    No, I have never had a non contact thermometer. Like @rotuts I wonder how this unit would compensate for black cast iron surfaces and bright stainless steel surfaces. Though I must say the price is cheap enough.
  12. Kitchen Thermometers

    And other than thermometers they sell stuff from other manufacturers, for example pH meters. Still Theromoworks are probably the best choice out there for culinary use.
  13. Kitchen Thermometers

    My most recent Thermoworks order arrived tonight. I must have looked most pathetic wandering around the apartment with two cases of thermometers, looking for a surface upon which to set them down.* I now have six thermometers from Thermoworks, not a few probes -- and my old standby from Hewlett-Packard...or whatever that company is called these days. I really love how firmly the magnetic boot of the Therma Waterproof sticks itself to the dashboard of my stove. That is beautiful engineering! It would have been most useful two nights ago when I was following a Kenji recipe to heat a pan to between 600 and 700 deg F. *they are currently on top of the guitar case along with the extra griddles for my DeLonghi grill. The door is barricaded in the event anyone was thinking of an intervention.
  14. Crazy Good e-Book Bargains

    I fell for The Cottage Kitchen.
  15. @Anna N did the old people facility at least pay for your meal?
  16. The Perfect Burger

    Tonight was an anti-Kenji smashed burger. I formed a patty about an inch and a half thick. I was diligent with the Thermapen. I got it crusty on the outside with a trace of pink at the center. And now I am done with hamburger for another lifetime.
  17. Gardening: (2016 – 2017)

    These are alpine strawberries. As best I remember: https://www.burpee.com/fruit/strawberry-plants/strawberry-alpine-fragola-di-bosco-prod002415.html
  18. Gardening: (2016 – 2017)

    My first strawberry is red.
  19. Mail-Order Virginia Country Hams

    I realize Parma is not in Virginia but I am minded ParmaShop has some lovely looking Parma hams on sale.
  20. Existing Conditions

    I didn't know Dave's Booker and Dax had closed. I thought it just recently opened?
  21. Homemade Creme Fraiche

    By real buttermilk I mean what's sometimes called traditional butter milk. The "buttermilk" in the stores here is made by adding microbial cultures to skim milk. I believe this product used to be known as imitation buttermilk. Anyhow, I haven't tasted it yet but my crème fraiche came out nice and thick.
  22. The Perfect Burger

    The local market has family pack ground beef on sale this week. I am a family of one, at least at this location. So I decided to revisit Kenji's smashburgers. Other than being far more meat than I would eat, they were pretty good. Kenji calls for a pan temperature of between 600 and 700 deg F. My surface thermapen goes up only to 572 deg F. What is one to do? I let the thermapen go to overrange and waited another minute or so. Not very scientific. This is with my big Falk pan. The air was like an opium den. Not that I have visited an opium den but I have read Sherlock Holmes. Thanks to the recent Thermoworks sale my heavy duty surface probe, good to 1000C, should arrive tomorrow. But this is today. Kenji recommends stainless over cast iron because cast iron is a good black body radiator, and for burgers one wants heating by conduction: http://www.keatingofchicago.com/miraclean_griddle.html
  23. The Food Photography Topic

    I use Lightroom only for moving raw files from my iPad into Photoshop on the computer, but for the purpose it works really well. I doubt there is much of a difference among processing raw files in Lightroom, Photoshop, or Bridge.
  24. Tacos--Cook-Off 39

    How do you get your tortillas to hold that shape? Never mind, I think I see. Cheater. Where can I buy those?
  25. Homemade Creme Fraiche

    Which culture do you use? I thought a salient feature of crème fraiche was that it was not too tangy? (I knew I'd eventually find a need for a centrifuge.)