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  1. I believe my CSO is now repaired and fully functional. I am most grateful. However I wanted to see if I could somehow achieve a one kg boule. Something that exceeds the capabilities of the CSO. I have an ancient Cuisinart Chicken Steamer (CCS). Could the CCS bake my one kg boule? Dough from the Ankarsrum turned out fine.* The dough proofed perfectly in an hour and a half. Fitting the scored boule in the CCS was a little tricky but it worked. I used 60 g of water in the bottom of the steamer and placed the CCS on my well heated 470F 12x12x1 inch baking aluminum.** That may have been a bit much water as there is evidence of condensation, namely a few drip marks on the crust. But baking progressed and the final loaf looked pretty good. Thing is it was stuck completely to the pan. The bottom crust still is. Tonight's bread will get the job done, but not my best experiment. Were I to assay CCS bread again I'd line the steamer insert with a Teflon disc and use less water in the steamer bottom. Still, sadly, I believe a one kg boule exceeds what can realistically be expected of the CCS. And for an 800-500 g boule the CSO is the way to go. That said, if anyone else has a CCS I suspect it would work OK for baking smaller loaves. I never did like steamed chickens. *as does almost anything with rum. **were it made of steel I'd call it a baking steel.
  2. As I wrote previously in the thread I disagree the object is to wet the bread. I can't prove it but I believe the purpose of steam is to transfer energy to the still plastic dough. Undeniably steam does transfer energy to the dough. When you were baking professionally did you use a steam injection oven?
  3. The cord on my phone is not long enough.
  4. I'd still need a printer, which I don't have.
  5. I have not cooked in my clay tagine for at least six months. On a whim I went over and gave the inside a sniff. The tagine has a fragrance.
  6. I cleaned out my freezer. I didn't cook anything but I threw a lot away.
  7. JoNorvelleWalker

    Dinner 2020

    New shoyu for me Made suimono (dashi, Dave Arnold method) Lightly grilled tuna.
  8. JoNorvelleWalker

    Dinner 2020

    Not short order in my house.
  9. A Horse Is a Horse, Of Course, Of Course? Oh, wait, Fred was the talking pig. Carry on.
  10. I took the CSO apart again and reseated the little hose. So far no leak.
  11. P.S. There is no security company and the town has no police force.
  12. Oh, I got my groceries. But we all have to leave the building together and they all had to wait for me to run back upstairs.
  13. I shall never again prevent the entire library staff from leaving the building at closing time when I have forgotten my limes and daikon radish in the refrigerator upstairs.
  14. Not all Chef's Choice machines are the same. I have a couple. The 1520 mentioned above does not have a coarse slot. It has a 15 degree slot, a 20 degree slot, and a polishing slot.
  15. Francesca da Rimini is a piece of music among the "favorites" digitized on my computer. The historical Francesca came to a bad end. Dante meets up with her in the second circle of hell, reserved for the lustful. Alas she was not there for eating chocolate.
  16. JoNorvelleWalker

    Dinner 2020

    Three meatballs in the picture. Three meatballs more with the second helping.
  17. I may never understand bread. The loaf felt dense, but the crumb was lovely and the flavor was excellent.
  18. Bread from frozen dough. I'm not expecting much. Even after a two hour proof the loaf did not do much. I'm pretty much convinced frozen dough is not the way to go.
  19. I performed the Shelby maneuver. One screw left over that I could not fit in because the thin sheet metal is bent. Ran vinegar solution through the system on steam function. Add water alarm went off. But this time the alarm went off when the tank was out of water. Progress. The plan is to bake bread tonight.
  20. It took forty five minutes on the phone but I reached Cuisinart support. My CSO "Add Water" alarm has been shutting the unit off more and more often. Other than the steam everything else works fine. But the steam is a big other than. The representative told me the CSO is discontinued and they cannot replace the unit but they could give me credit on their online store if I shipped mine back to them. Sad news indeed.
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