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    Dinner 2019

    Bell & Evans chickens were on sale on amazon. When will I ever learn? There are few culinary tasks I despise more than breaking down a chicken. Besides, amazon could not supply the mushrooms I needed for my chicken cacciatore. Anyhow, two dishwasher loads later dinner was a breast quarter steam baked in the CSO. Mashed potato and peas.
  2. I found the hard way that my big GE oven cut out as well. Fortunately there was a firmware setting buried somewhere in the manual.
  3. I have not tested but I am pretty sure the unit never shuts off below 214F. If doing a 72 hr cook I'd keep the sensor plugged in so the battery did not run out. However the Paragon would not be my tool of choice for a 72 hr cook. I do know from experience that at 375F the unit will shut off if left unattended long enough. Press and hold the + and - buttons together for three seconds to toggle the display to Celsius. Edit: sorry, I misread, I see you already figured this out.
  4. I too used to write product manuals at one point in my life. I know it is not as easy as it looks. It may not be necessary to charge the sensor before first use. But as I said I charged my sensor anyhow. Had you first tried as the quick start guide directed?
  5. Forgot to mention, I had my first Cosmic Crisp two nights ago -- $3.49 a pound as I recall. Shape reminded me of Red Delicious, never a good sign. Skin was thick. Taste and texture reminiscent of raw potato. But it was not horrible. To my mind the worst apple sin is mealiness and my Cosmic Crisp was certainly not mealy. My favorite apple variety remains Lady Alice.
  6. @Anna N I forgot to mention, when the battery is not charged the sensor can be used while it is connected to a charger.
  7. When the sensor is operating properly the Bluetooth indicator will flash about every five seconds. The sensor does not read BAC.
  8. JoNorvelleWalker

    Dinner 2019

    This was supposed to have been chicken cacciatore. It isn't. Amazon sent the wrong mushrooms. I had never cooked Portobello mushrooms before. Here with deckle portion of dry aged ribeye.
  9. Anyone with a gas chromatograph? There probably is celery in there someplace. At what level would celery have to listed by name as an ingredient? Besides peanuts my primary use for Lowry's is on corn on the cob.
  10. To look at it a different way, if the plate is 135F you should be able to put your finger on it. (Please don't try that experiment.)
  11. Amazon's price for the CSO is now up to $292.94. Quite a change from $99.
  12. Indeed, a little goes a long way. Probably some weeks before I open the jar again.
  13. Lawry's graced my peanuts and cashews tonight to accompany my mai tai. Good stuff.
  14. With your IR measurements did you take into account emissivity differences between the two surfaces? I would make thermocouple readings on my unit; however I am still deciding whether I want to return the A4 Box and I cannot return it if I've cooked with it.
  15. JoNorvelleWalker

    Dinner 2019

    Tonight was Moroccan cuisine. Unlike the night before, no, I did not make it. (Though my recent quince and lamb tagine was quite tasty if I don't mind saying so myself.) My granddaughter is home from college and we went to a Moroccan restaurant. As we were sampling our olives and apricots* another family came in and were seated next to us: a dear friend, her husband and two sons, and a son's girlfriend. We did not plan this. My grandson is a picky eater but he was quite taken by the olives and the knee joint of his dinner. My dinner was bastille. I am no novice at Moroccan cooking but bastille has been beyond my means. No longer am I a bastille virgin. My friend's husband is Moroccan and he chatted with the owner and the owner's family. Like the owner's wife, my friend is not Moroccan. The establishment comped our beverages and baclava. I had not brought my iPad and none at my table were photographing our food. Fortunately my friend's table made up for it. Lunch had been not so much of a family affair. Both my granddaughter and grandson study Mandarin but my grandson (did I mention he is a picky eater?) does not care much for Chinese cuisines. There is a Sichuan restaurant she loves in which he adamantly refuses to eat. She and my son and I dined there, while my grandson and daughter-in-law supped elsewhere. With dishes such as duck blood, sautéed frog, and pig intestine in casserole, it is not a typical Americanized Chinese menu. Besides ourselves as far as I could see the clientele were all Chinese except for a Chinese-European family and an Indian family. Four dinners for three people. There were no leftovers. *these were the first and only apricots I have truly enjoyed in my long life.
  16. I have it, I use it. But not often.
  17. To answer my own question, the A4 Box is made in China. My A4 Box came today, well packed. Fit and finish are acceptable, if not quite up to, say, Zojirushi standards. Zojirushi makes similar cooking units designed for table use but the Zojiroshi ones available in the US at least are not induction. On the other hand they are not nearly as expensive as the A4 Box either. The only negative I've seen so far about the A4 Box is that apparently (I could be wrong) the pans themselves are not induction compatible. There is a metal plate in the base unit of the A4 Box that is heated by induction, and then the pans themselves are heated by conduction from the metal plate. Had I known this I probably would not have ordered the A4 Box. Plus the A4 Box non-stick coating does not look at all the best, though looks may be deceiving. But the proof is in the pudding, and I have yet to make my pudding. For anyone who cares, the A4 Box standard tray seems to fit in my CSO just fine; though I have no plans for using it that way.
  18. I was going to ask which grill but then I noticed what topic I was reading. Did you do anything special with your squash?
  19. Except apparently in NYC. Edit: some years ago a young woman friend shared that her grandmother was a farmer, though in her old age she raised mostly cats. "For milk or meat?" I asked. My friend took offense.
  20. JoNorvelleWalker

    Dinner 2019

    Lamb tagine with quinces, bread.
  21. Beautiful cooking. However the cats were shown but never used?
  22. JoNorvelleWalker

    Ras el hanout

    I had forgotten that Spice Trekker's ras el hanout was "ready to grind" till I pried the lid off the can tonight. The contents were strikingly beautiful and they smelled heavenly. The problem as I see it is when grinding a small amount of a mixture of twenty* spices, how do you obtain the appropriate proportion of each spice? Anyhow, not to be a tease, the recipe is @Wolfert's lamb tagine with quinces. *nineteen if you read English.
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