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  1. @Ann_T I'm sure you could make gorgeous bread with an Electrolux vacuum cleaner.
  2. @lindag and @ElsieD, what amount of dough do you mix at one time in the Zojirushi?
  3. @teonzo, just now I was reading Rose Levy Beranbaum's The Bread Bible and I noticed she calls for mixing bread dough on speed #4 with a KitchenAid. For whatever reason speed #2 does not do much of anything at all. At least for me. I was hoping that the problem was simply that my batch size was too small; but as I found, doubling the quantity did not help.
  4. I have a Zojirushi bread maker that long served admirably for mixing bread dough. But when I got my chamber vacuum sealer I had to relegate the Zojirushi to the bedroom. Do you recall which model Bosch you had?
  5. I was looking at the Bosch Universal Plus. It is said to work well for small quantities of flour.
  6. Thanks Franci, I was not aware of a Bosch mixer. Seems they make a zillion different models, not all of which are sold in the US. If you recommend Bosch I may give one a try. They are about half the price of KitchenAid. I had been looking at Ankarsrum but Ankarsrum is too expensive for me at the moment. Meanwhile I have higher protein flour on order, though I am still unconvinced that flour is my problem.
  7. Since you don't need one I guess that's called no-knead.
  8. For lack of anything better I would try my bread knife.
  9. Thanks to everyone I now have some new ideas to try. But before that I have two 500-600g bags of dough in the freezer. I should probably just pitch them, but I'd like to give them a fighting chance. How can I best thaw the dough? In the refrigerator? In a water bath? In the dumpster? The bags are vacuum sealed which in itself may have built some additional dough strength.
  10. If not with your broken KitchenAid how do you mix your dough now? One of the flours MB calls for is KA Sir Galahad 11.7% protein. Sir Galahad is a commercial flour, sold in 50 pound bags. I use KA 11.7% protein but in 2 pound bags. I autolyze my dough for about 30 minutes before the 8 minute mix on speed 1.
  11. Franci, I mix initially at 66.6% then add the rest of the water with the salt.
  12. Teo, thanks as always. I must disagree however with your criticism of Modernist Bread. For panettone Modernist bread recommends (4-21) "...Giusto's High Performance High-Protein Unbleached Flour or King Arthur Sir Lancelot Flour or High-Gluten Flour for the high-gluten flour in this recipe." You may disagree with their choice of flour, but it is wrong of you to say they do not specify. For the breads I'm making Modernist Bread prefers "Central Milling Organic Artisan Bakers Craft Plus Flour (unbleached and malted): 11.5% protein", "King Arthur Sir Galahad Flour: 11.7% protein", "Gold Medal Better for Bread: 12% protein". I sometimes take risks and don't always believe instruction manuals. I've kneaded bread dough as high as speed 8. I have two KitchenAid mixers and I haven't destroyed one yet.
  13. Even a high functioning reclusive hoarder?
  14. JoNorvelleWalker

    Dinner 2019

    I envy your balcony.
  15. Yes, but I have Dupuytren's and not much hand strength. Mixing is what I pay KitchenAid for.
  16. I have All Under Heaven. I think you are mistaken. I seriously doubt All Under Heaven is out of print. In any event amazon will happily sell a copy.
  17. JoNorvelleWalker

    Dinner 2019

  18. Teo, thanks. I shall assay a higher protein flour. It is worth a try. But truly I don't believe the protein level of my flour is the problem. Remember that protein content of flours is measured differently in the US and Europe. According to the tables I have available American 11.7 percent protein flour is equivalent to French 13.93 percent protein flour. Also King Arthur Flour has been in business since 1790 and their hallmark is the consistency of their flour...recent recalls for E. coli or no. I am firmly persuaded my problem is with the mixing. I use a KitchenAid KSM8990WH. According to many authors bread dough is supposed to form a ball around the dough hook. My dough does not. It sits in a puddle in the bottom of the bowl. Unless I run the KitchenAid on ludicrous speed,* in which case the dough mixes but the resulting crumb suffers mightily. I have tested my gram scale with a battery of standard weights and the scale is dead accurate to the gram. *this may or may not be a joke shared with Europeans.
  19. Ann, your link does not work for me. (And Illinois is not exactly local.)
  20. I use King Arthur Organic All Purpose. Raymond Calvel said King Arthur was the best baguette flour in North America. It is 11.7 percent protein. But I am open to a suggestion.
  21. Funny looking loaf. (No baguette was baked tonight.) Looks like someone sat on it. Nice flavor though. And the mai tai helped my headache.
  22. Not Whole Foods, but foods. Two things I cannot live without: kewpie mayonnaise and six bottles of @feste's orgeat cannot be delivered. So I am told. The package was damaged. One bottle of orgeat usually makes it through in one piece but amazon has not yet discovered how to ship six glass bottles in one package. The last time I ordered more than one bottle of orgeat the bottles broke and could not be delivered. One would think amazon could save shipping costs by shipping more than one bottle at a time. But apparently not. And I need my kewpie mayonnaise...
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