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  1. I still have my old anova cord. When I have the energy (which won't be tonight) I'll try to look for it.
  2. I read today in the WSJ that amazon is no longer selling seeds or plants in the US from outside the country.
  3. Sadly for me the cord is often the first thing to wear out on an appliance. If the Chefman had a detachable cord I would be leaving it out on the table all the time. I have a Salton warming tray on the table that's been there about forty years. Still the Chefman looks like a good product and it was not expensive. I have not tried heating with it yet. What really sold me was the temperature range.
  4. Please pardon, but I used to be a scientist. Tonight I used my Chef's Choice to sharpen my New West chef's knife, which I sharpen perhaps once or twice a year. The sharpening procedure was three passes each side in slot one (the 15 degree slot), followed by three passes each side in slot three (the honing slot). Before sharpening the New West chef's knife weighed 205.206 g. After sharpening it weighed 205.183 g, a difference of 0.023 g.
  5. My Chefman hotplate arrived today. I would have been much more enamored with it if the cord had been detachable.
  6. JoNorvelleWalker

    Dinner 2020

    CSO chicken thigh, buttered egg noodles (thank you KitchenAid), mushrooms in cream sauce. Sort of a deconstructed chicken Tetrazzini. Not by far the worst thing I have eaten but no chicken Tetrazzini either. Guess that is why I am not a chef.
  7. I needed some cream (not for ice cream) but amazon was out of the cream I normally use. I took what I could get which is the type of cream Rose Levy Beranbaum calls for in Ice Cream Bliss, specifically Organic Valley Organic Heavy Whipping Cream. In addition to being ultra pasteurized and high fat, the Organic Valley cream contains gellan gum. Makes me wonder if gellan gum is a mysterious unmentioned ingredient in Rose's recipes.
  8. You didn't even need to send me the picture.
  9. JoNorvelleWalker

    Dinner 2020

    I can't wait for a video of him trying to eat it.
  10. I bought dried egg whites once and I thought they were disgusting. Sorry I don't recall the brand.
  11. I flocked groats for breakfast yesterday. But then I do so about once a week.
  12. Mine is gold, only because the color was being discontinued and was $70 off. I still wish I had held out for white.
  13. Now showing as $10.99 for me. You are just a little ahead of us.
  14. JoNorvelleWalker

    Dinner 2020

    Last night here was Shoprite corn. Pretty good, I must say -- and at 19 cents* an ear, not much to complain. Even the Shoprite limes were acceptable. Tonight is to be a reprise of angel hair with Italian clams...once I complete my mai tai. *Indeed I know @liuzhou will explain corn is less expensive where he lives.
  15. Now through 9/13 Kuvings is having 15% off juicers and blenders with code LABORDAY, for USA and Canada. http://kuvingsusa.com
  16. If anyone is considering a new mixer I recommend Ankarsrum. I've been quite pleased with mine* over the past year. I also have two Kitchenaids. I use mixers mainly for making bread. For me it is no contest. But for cookies or a cake I'd go with Kitchenaid. *except for the color.
  17. JoNorvelleWalker

    Dinner 2020

    No package, no instructions.
  18. JoNorvelleWalker

    Dinner 2020

    @Margaret Pilgrim (or anyone), how do you prepare Israeli couscous? My daughter-in-law gave me some Israeli couscous back before the pandemic and I have yet to try it.
  19. Sadly I think that is because of where you live. Still $2.99 here.
  20. Question for the bargain hunters: after purchasing Joe Yonan' Cool Beans, amazon offered me a $5.00 credit on Serve Yourself, making the price $5.99. Worth it or wait till it might be on sale?
  21. Personally I'd use an iSi for extracting something into something, and a chamber vacuum sealer for infusing something into something.
  22. Is it only me or do others feel a bit bizarre enjoying their mai tai in the comfort of home with nuts labeled "Property of American Airlines"?
  23. How cold will Freddy go? I could not find it in the specs.
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