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  1. I have tried cooking risotto in the pressure cooker (using the canning jar method, a la MC@H) and was rewarded with something like rice soup. Is pressure cooked risotto supposed to turn out the same as traditionally prepared risotto? At this point I am new to rice cookers, but if for some reason I absolutely had to hold risotto I think I'd give the rice cooker a try.
  2. I would have chosen A Modest Proposal for Preventing the Children of Poor People From Being a Burthen to Their Parents or Country, and for Making Them Beneficial to the Publick. Yum.
  3. It may get hotter and more humid here than where you live. Bare nipples tonight but dinner was lettuce and cheese, so not much chance of boiling.
  4. It seems I even have trouble assembling a zombie cold sober. I realized that I used only one ounce Atlantico (which was tonight's stand in for gold Porto Rican) instead of one and a half ounces. Rather than fetch the bottle of Atlantico a second time I simply put in two ounces of Appleton 12, rather than an ounce and a half. This was perhaps my finest zombie yet: 2 oz Appleton 12 1 oz Atlantico Private Cask 1 oz Lemon Hart 151 1/2 oz Taylor's Falernum 3/4 oz lime juice 1 teaspoon grenadine 10 ml white grapefruit juice 5 ml tincture of cinnamon 1 dash Angostura 12 drops Jade 1901* Garnish of fresh mint. Typically my zombies slide down pretty quickly, but I am savoring this. The glass is half empty and almost all the ice is gone. (And, yes, I strained onto fresh ice!) Meanwhile I am still searching for the apotheosis of golden Puerto Rican run. *Unlike a true volume measurement, drop size has a lot to do with surface tension. I suspect Don was not using Jade 1901 when he called for six drops. Jade has a lot of good things, but surface tension is not among them.
  5. I'm on my second glass (if one would call this crystal drinking vessel a glass, sorry I have yet to take a picture of it) of Mississippi punch (Imbibe! pp 84,85). Not sure how Mississippi punch got out of my rotation, except for the fact that I can't spell Mississippi sober. Now that lemons once again are running generous I've been upping the arrack to an ounce to cut the sugar and the tartness. Hard to ask for better: 2 oz F&P 1840 Cognac 1 oz S&C 1 oz arrack juice of 1/2 lemon 1 Tablespoon sugar In case it is not clear, this is based on the Major Unett version of the recipe.
  6. Heating and cooling circulators are available now for a price.
  7. Kerry, your batch appears to be about the same hue as Tempus Fugit.
  8. I owe it to him to give a try, but probably not tonight.
  9. Next up, a water lily. Not sure where the original water lily recipe came from or what the original proportions were. I chose 3:1:1:1 to start: 12 teaspoons Magellan 4 teaspoons Cointreau 4 teaspoons Liqueur de Violettes (Tempus Fugit) 4 teaspoons lemon juice Also a success. Even better for the color.
  10. Inspired by FrogPrincesse from post #125 I'm having an attention cocktail: 1/2 oz Jade 1901 1/2 oz Bombay Dry 1/2 oz Liqueur de Violettes (Tempus Fugit) 1/2 oz Vya Dry Very nice, and easy to remember. Lovely color too! Now if I could only get my aviations to look like this. Plus all natural color to the best of my knowledge.
  11. I am sorry I do not remember. But my results are probably in some eGullet thread or other.
  12. Never happened before, however tonight I spilt my mai tai at the computer: 1 oz S&C 1 oz Rhum Agricole Blanc Neisson 50% 1 oz W&N 1/2 oz Ferrand dry curacao 1 oz fresh lime juice 1/2 oz orgeat Sad, but... 1 1/2 oz S&C 1 1/2 oz Rhum Agricole Blanc Neisson 50% 1/2 oz Ferrand dry curacao 1 oz fresh lime juice 1/2 oz orgeat ...was much better.
  13. I haven't tried it yet, but the Zoijirushi has a setting called "scorched" that is designed to produce a crust. I assume one would want to do this with a long grain rice?
  14. I would think sous vide would flatten the patty compared to conventional cooking unless the patty were frozen first?
  15. As admittedly a home cook I butchered my thumb last fall trying to core nice organic carrots for this dish. The soup was OK, perhaps more than OK, maybe very good -- but I think the recipe is dangerous as demonstrated in the photographs. I now use cut resistant gloves. If I were to make this soup again I would not core the carrots. Or perhaps I would try to develop a safer method. The pressure cooking step worked fine, I have no problem with that. (Also using Fissler 8 quart.)
  16. I wouldn't necessarily say an apple was healthier than a piece of chocolate. Though I am fond of both.
  17. Cool, cloudy, windy -- Autumn in Jersey weather tonight...and no room in the refrigerator for the bag of lemons: 3 oz Laird's bonded 3/4 oz orgeat 1 oz lemon juice 2 dashes Angostura Garnished this time with a generous sprig of mint, as well as the spent half lemon. I can't say mint adds anything much to this drink at all but at least it goes nicely with the green plastic straw.
  18. I have nothing against a cold, refreshing glass of gin although I'm not sure I'd call it a martini or an aviation.
  19. I had always believed there was nothing new under the sun, but now my faith is shaken.
  20. Dinner tonight was something quite new for me: a bowl of Koshihikari rice, cooked in my new Zoijirushi, plus a plate of lightly blanched broccolini, cut on the diagonal and simply drizzled with a bit of soy sauce. That was it...plus of course a glass or three of wine. Previously I had only Chinese chopsticks, but my order of Kabazaiku chopsticks arrived this afternoon. About half way through the meal I laughed out loud and realized I was eating rice cooked without salt or butter. Some of the best rice I had ever had. Never would I have thought such a satisfying dinner could be so simple.
  21. I now have Delights from the Garden of Eden! The library was kind enough to buy a copy for me so I did not have to go the route of ILL. As it happens I have not yet cracked the cover since I just brought home five or so books on Japanese cookery. Darienne, if you think Delights from the Garden of Eden is heavy, you should try reading The Photography of Modernist Cuisine in bed.
  22. "nor the marshmallow coated turkey"?? Recipe?
  23. Now that lemon is again in good supply I continued with my experiments in aviation. The first change I made was to double strain the lemon juice. With the final filter being a fine Japanese tea strainer. This in impractical. Anyhow the second change was to reduce the lemon juice below the Ensslin ratio. Then I prepared and contrasted aviations made with Bombay dry and with Magellan: 2 oz gin 3/4 oz lemon juice 1/4 oz maraschino 1 teaspoon liqueur de violettes (Tempus Fugit) For taste I preferred Magellan, though I must say the Bombay dry version was quite good. As for color, Bombay dry won hands down, with the beautiful pale dawn sky. Magellan, a pretty blue in the bottle, makes for a gray and overcast aviation. This is undoubtedly due to the yellow lemon juice. Until I can obtain a centrifuge I am stuck. Sadly, from what I have read Dave Arnold's ager-ager method does not do much for color. Color is somewhat better in a coupe than in a V glass. Furthermore (after testing yet again) I can affirm Ensslin's ratios are indeed correct. I cannot improve upon them. Edit: Sorry! Ensslin calls for equal measure of violet and maraschino. I actually prefer slightly more maraschino. I was thinking of the ratio of lemon juice to gin. Many peanuts to go before I sleep.
  24. Thanks! Next time I fix polenta I plan to try this method.
  25. Bob's Red Mill is what I'm using. Is there an advantage to soaking and draining compared to just soaking in the cooker?
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