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  1. Look in the India cooking forum: https://forums.egullet.org/forum/324-india-cooking-amp-baking/ I hope you find your cooking adventure enjoyable and that you will reach out beyond your comfort foods. The dinner thread has all sorts of cookery, including Indian: https://forums.egullet.org/topic/157787-dinner-2019/ I am fortunate to live in a town in the US with a wide range of cultures and cuisines. Our current mayor (the head of government) is Indian. A former mayor was Chinese. One of my projects is to figure out how to make dosa.
  2. What are you wanting to cook? Regional Indian foods or international? There is a lot of information here, and probably people who can help no matter what your cooking interest.
  3. Spicetrekkers order came as promised. Not that I read French. In my haste to get the package open I shredded the invoice. Too tired tonight to investigate, but it appears there is a lagniappe.
  4. Welcome. Ask here before buying books. How did you find eGullet?
  5. If I had a grain mill (two of which I could have traded for a root canal) I'd start off with commercial yeast.
  6. Never having been in the cookie biz but having been in business, I feel it is unethical to talk to a competitor without identifying oneself as a possible competitor. Besides, you may then find the competitor even more interested to talk to you. Simply ordering product from your competitors is something else again.
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    Around here polenta comes in all sorts of different grinds. For my polenta I use white corn meal, as it is said they prefer in Venice. But I am not a cornbread person so carry on.
  8. Amazon says Kindle prices are set by the publishers.
  9. JoNorvelleWalker

    Dinner 2019

    I shan't be doing much chewing for a while. Thankfully mai tai's do not require mastication.
  10. Other than pizza delivery in college* I've never used food delivery service. Last time the deliveryman was holding a gun on the thief who had poached a piece from my pie. And, no, I did not get a discount. *and once long ago steamed clams for an event.
  11. Would that I could wait till Prime Day.
  12. I will never again -- unless in pain, drunk, or on pills -- drain a stockpot of pasta into my pan of pasta sauce rather than the sink. I have cleaned up the stove.
  13. @Alex you are heard. I'm sliding down the backside of 70 myself. I expect that when the time comes they will escort me out of here with a bucket and a mop. That being said there is a facility near where I live with exceptionally fine cuisine. Or so I am told. I even know some of the residents from work. I hear no complaints. Thing is such a facility is so far beyond my means it's not even funny. Financial stability is not something I can aspire to. And what I would give for wife who loves me.
  14. Oh dear. I'm more confused, running a fever, in pain, and facing a root canal at high noon. That was the Philly one. Which I thought we were talking about. For the custard recipe I did as Lebovitz said: milk and cream. Everything is better with cream.
  15. Sorry for the confusion. That was the custard ice cream.
  16. No, I made the all cream version: https://forums.egullet.org/topic/158219-using-commercial-stabilizer-in-home-made-ice-cream/?do=findComment&comment=2201493 I hadn't measured my freezer temperature in a while. I checked this evening and it's only getting down to -13C/8.6F. My recollection is it used to be colder.
  17. JoNorvelleWalker

    Dinner 2019

    Update: dinner was mashed potatoes, Bell's chicken gravy is not half bad. Following my mai tai I was almost normal. Whole 'nother meaning to "feeling no pain". Made a mistake. I pushed it. In addition to the mashed potatoes I tried some little green peas. So delicious. Each pea a paroxysm of pain. Waiting for the pills to take effect before I head to bed.
  18. Hearing no dissent, I ordered from spicetrekkers.com. Free shipping to US and Canada with a $75 order. Largest selection of spices I remember seeing. Including odd Quebecois foraged herbs.
  19. I beg to help. The MockMill is less expensive than the KoMo, same man designs the milling mechanism. Plus, unlike the KoMo, the MockMill, grinds hard corn. Hard to beat the looks of KoMo though.
  20. The Breville looks a lot like my DeLonghi but without the waffle plates. (The DeLonghi came with two flat plates, two ribbed plates, and two waffle plates.) What are the dimensions of the Breville flat plates? From the pictures on amazon the Breville flat plates have a lip just like the DeLonghi flat plates, which is something I wanted to avoid for baking flatbreads. Like the Breville plates the DeLonghi plates go in the dishwasher.
  21. I have the Kindle 2nd edition of The Perfect Scoop with no page numbers, but the Philadelphia recipe is right next to the vanilla custard recipe. Two versions of Philadelphia: one full cream, one cream and milk. No points for guessing which I chose. I believe the added stabilizers and emulsifiers made all the difference. I accidentally spun longer than intended and got the overrun too high for my taste, but most importantly the ice cream was not icy at all, and I thought the scoopability was close to perfect (remember I reduced the sugar). If I make it again, which I probably will, I intend to try 100 g of sucrose and no trehalose. I agree with @paulraphael that Philadelphia style ice cream needs some help if you're not consuming it straight out of the machine. If you are happy with Lead Tongue Lebovitz's amount of sugar just make the recipe as written but with your added stabilizer. Be sure to follow the manufacturer's directions for hydrating the stabilizer.
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