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  1. shortbread cut in butter to flour add seasoning bring in to ball and re-fridge cream butter and sugar in mixer add flour and seasoning ball and re-fridge also pate sucree often comes in the same two varieties.
  2. sorry not what i want i will re write it I think the Answer is very obvious when considering what you expect from a cake and what you expect from a pie crust My query comes to when you see so many biscuit (uk), shortbread and cookie recipes differentiating between the two mixing methods ? sometimes from the same chef you see two recipes for the same product with different mixing methods.
  3. I think the Answer is very obvious when conidering what you expect from a cake and what you expect from a pie crust My query comes to when you see so many biscuit (uk), shortbread and cookie recipes differentiating between the two mixing methods ? Which is ideal ? Is one right and one wrong sometimes from the same chef you see two recipes with different mixing methods.
  4. acidfrog

    Cooking a potato

    What exactly is happening then what is reacting with the acidity in the potato to do this i was left with essentially a "skin" are you saying that i could keep boiling and it would develop no further as that would be based on amount of acid as opposed to time in the solution ?
  5. acidfrog

    Cooking a potato

    do you mean the acidity will stop it from going darker ? i had narrowed it down to the acidity but its great to know you have it spot on would love to know what is going on ? i may try simmering for much longer and see how firm it can stay and how soft the center can get
  6. Sorry for vague title but not sure what to put Whilst taking inspiration I wanted to have a potato that was simmered in a sauce until it took on its flavor and colour and whilst having this idea found a blog about using pectin and calcium to form a structured skin with out taking that into account i started off with simmering my potatoes in a stock and wine mixture what i got was good but not perfect and also left me with a few questions which i am struggling to answer First of the potato wasn't as dark as i would like it which i am assuming i change by reducing the sauce it is simmering in The main one is that the potato had seemed to form an outside that had a much "firmer" texture than the centre which is perfect and completely accidental but i am wondering why this is ?
  7. acidfrog

    Dinner! 2012

    Sorry i posted that after a long day The salmon is smoked with shavings of an oak whiskey barrel then lined and rolled with a goats cheese mixture of a few too many things to list but will be generally the typical smoked salmon accompaniments The flowers are violas which i stole from someones front garden after 3 hours in the woods and nothing to show for it It is infact a crust of lightly toasted sesame seeds and alight dusting on top of cumin and coriander powder which I am not totally sold on, i must admit you may have just given me a great idea with the puffed rice not yet bought or gathered my own plate collection so not really served on plates that i would like them to be served on The Pigeon was also plated like this but the dish is too under developed to really sit in this type of plating
  8. acidfrog

    Dinner! 2012

    Salmon Roulade & Roasted Wood Pigeon with Autumn Squash
  9. BANG exactly what i was looking for i think this is possibly my last batch without using a pressure cooker and i guess if using the standard method it would be best to add vegetables an hour or so to go the answer to my question will have to crack open MC and look at that part
  10. yeah read that last night actually it is a good read but doesn't really answer my question
  11. wow 1 hour to make a veal stock not even in a pressure cooker that is pretty crazy are you sure about that you cook a stock not for flavor ? yeah sorry for the misunderstanding i mean cook the bones for the 7 hours or whatever then put the vegetables in for the last 1 hour or so as i was under the impression vegetables don't need 8 hours considering a veggie stock needs about 1 hour and would only cloud the stock that is my thinking and why i asked the question maybe that puts it a bit better but also i would love to know your thinking behind a 1 hour simmered stock when tasting my stock at around 1 hour it definatly tastes of water in comparison to my 12 hour (veal bone stock)
  12. seems like i cant find much on this as i know apart from in theory i would of thought adding at the end makes more sense yet so many books and famous recipes a la the veal stock in the french laundry add it at the beginning
  13. yeah sorry about that but maybe i have incorrectly picked up a bad smell from parts of this forum which i have smelt far to often in and out of kitchens as it is if that is wrong and i am incorrect then i can only be sorry but i have meant no offense to you personally ah yeah i meant behind not preferring to leave something to rest as opposed to why one would do it aka - 2. He also prefers not to rest and reheat (fresh baked cookie analogy) -
  14. WOW that is awesome Renn, really great answer definitely what i was looking for i love how through this forum you may not instantly get what you are hoping for but at some point an absolute superstar will prevail is there any science behind the leaving and reheating ? or is it just down to his preference will take tonight to think through your bit of brain juice
  15. Think you are missing the point you are simply repeating your self in recycled words about the difference in conductivity between different heat source which is all fair and well for stroking yourself but pretty irrelevant to what i am asking for Infact i have looked over it again and you have completely misunderstood what was being asked but i will give you an A* for your description of the difference in direct and moist heat well done clap clap
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