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  1. I like th Thats kinda what I was going for with the lettuce cup idea but just need bit more acid. I think the pickled veggies would be perfect. I like the idea of a steamed bun as well. Have to give that a try.
  2. [Moderator note: This topic became too large for our servers to handle efficiently, so we've divided it up; the earlier part of the discussion is here: Cooking with "Modernist Cuisine at Home" (Part 1)] I have been cooking out of MC@h for a few months now and haven't found this forum until recently. I thought I would stop lurking a participate as I have tried many of the recipes with great success, as well as had some pretty spectacular failures I mean who hasn't? Last night I decided to try the pressure cooked pork belly adobo I served it like a lettuce wrap with some sweet onion, diakon and cilantro and it turned out fantastic. I wish I had taken a picture. For those who have made the adobo it is rather rich and I want to add something more to cut through it a bit and was thinking of a foam so I can practice with my new whipping siphon. The addition of the lettuce cups with the onion and diakon helped a bunch I just think it needed one other element to really balance it out. Any thoughts on what you would use? -Erik
  3. Erik Shear

    Japanese knives

    I second that Tojiro makes a damn nice knife for the money.
  4. I have a Cuisinart immersion blender and have had it just over 2 years and it has completely fallen a part. That said I used it every day with out fail for everything imaginable. It did it's job well but just wasn't designed to edure that kind of usage. Knowing that I am looking to replace mine with a Bamix.