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  1. I whole heartly agree with the two previous comments regarding this 'super dooper, uber, best in the world ever' restaurant! What a load of pretentious shite. I remember having a very uninspiring saffron risotto and a pork chop dish that was basically good home cooking or pub food.(I say pub food but again what an earth is that nowadays? Either food from the 70's or restaurants pretending to be pubs, as and where it suits). The high end restaurant sector in the UK is becoming totally out of hand. What with the Michelin guide handing out stars to the over hyped rather than the more deserving to this ludicrous best ever restaurant list, which obviously has merited folk to comment on this establishment. Where is all this nonsense ever going to end? Worst still, is having read and listen to the nauseating food dicks, who believe they have to rave and concur their bullshit knowledge on these sort of establishments because a silly list has said so.
  2. A 'homage' indeed. One supposes that when a chef is desperate for attention, like the above, then employing the ideas of others is probably seen as next best thing. Im sure many seasoned eaters, chefs etc can and do see right through these sort of 'give me fame' types. On a final note, I thought the three chefs representing the north east where a little lame, considering the genuine talent in the area.
  3. There does seem to be two lines of thought with regards to Michelin, one being they only rate the 'best of the best' and the other being, they are very politically motivated, underhand, out of touch and generally far too full of their own (worthless) importantance. I certainly favour the latter where the UK guide is concerned. What really does it offer these days other than a hotch potch level of standards, that are so confusing to many and I'd image very unjust to establishments that are not constantly over hyped or are pr, media driven. Some very interesting stories starting to unfold over in New York with the rapid two star award given to Atera. Reading between the lines it is being suggested that the guide would have had no way to rate this place in such a short time frame. Apparently the establishment is harder to reserve a table than a place would have been at the last supper. So with michelin only booking under false names, having to visit multipul times, which they state is required to award two stars, one does start wonder what really is going on? Politically motivated..........
  4. I must say I agree whole 'Hartley' with above comment. Each to their own but I have found this whole situation of staring pubs a nonsense. Its all well and good the guide stating its is one star for this and that but I would imagine the mass majority of people who dine out can't ever see a difference. I've yet to hear a chef from a pub suggest they are starred but only in a pub sector. So surely a pub with a michelin star is in a win, win postion. From what I have encountered gaining a star for a pub seems a whole lot easier than it is for a like for like restaurant. When I was overseas a star was a star but here its all over the place. I would image that a starred pub is talked up far more than what it can deliver? Obviously the guide is trying to be made more accessible to the masses, hence the growing fashion for pubs and the decline in restaurant support.
  5. I have indeed visited the above, earlier in the year whilst on business. To be perfectly honest I found it not only very underwhelming but disappointing, in as much as it having two stars attached to it. Why?? I found the whole experience very average to be honest. I could not understand why such an establishment would be awarded like it has. Almost random. The two star rating was to me completely unjustified and more importantly totally unnecessary. I did actually contact the guide to convey my thoughts because I did think in this case it was just ridiculous on the guides part. Im sure it would be a great pub if it didn't have all the guff of two stars. By the way, one of our party had to send back his beef dish that night, as it was overcooked. I had not ever encountered this in a two star establishment prior.
  6. Hello to everybody. This is my first ever posting on here which has been prompted by the interesting debate unfolding with this whole Michelin UK (farce??) situation. My take on Michelin is that it seems to be the very best pr a restaurant can receive BUT does in no way represent the very best of what is out there. Having lived and worked for over twenty years in Germany, France and Italy, which has involved copious amounts of eating out along the way, there does seem to be a distinct level of divide in how the Michelin guide operates and ultimately award their stars. Here in the UK, almost everything in question has this awful 'x-factor' syndrome about it, which I think includes the UK Michelin Guide. I suggest they act in an almost gimmicky way, in light of the mistake of realeasing the stars a week early. A pure pr heist, which begs the question, if a guide of any description has to resort to such tactics in gaining attention, are they really that important to all intents and purposes? Living back in the UK for the last three years, I have found you cannot watch a tv programme or read a food related article, without the mention of Michelin this and that. Seemingly if an establishment or chef does not have the Michelin connection then it is deemed not quite so worthy of public interest. A total nonsense that many have bought into. Does the UK guide pay the media to push its so called merits one wonders? The greatest change I have encountered since being back home is the growing fashion of the guide to be starring public houses. Where has all that come from and what does it all represent? I remember when a pub was just that and not as it is now, restaurants merely serving beer. In the main, I have found these pubs or restaurants or whatever they are classed as, generally underwhelming, overpriced and way over hyped.
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