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  1. Scanpans are what I use day in and day out and have for over 8 years. The sixteen inch skillet is one of my favorite pieces. I have returned pans before for broken handles, they dealt with it expediantly. The downside, the glass lids are exspensive, I took my large one in to teach a class and one of the children broke it...$40 to replace...and that was just the lid. Cleaning is easy, and they go from stove to oven....which is pretty important for the way I cook. So, besides several omelet pans and a cast iron or two, scanpans are the way I have gone and they work for me. I do some personal cheffing so have had the chance to try out loads of stoves, ovens, and pots/pans.
  2. some of my most memorable meals and bottles of wine have been gifts from friends..."is there anything you don't care for may I cook for you?" or the Grange Grunge pulled out to impress a mutual friend that moved back to town....as a foodie that dated a wine guy for years and drank exceptional wines in the course of our romance ...I would still go for asking a talented chef to cook for me ....of course including a wine mentor that would love to compliment the fine meal with great wines and twinkling eyes would make the experience oh so much finer.
  3. JulieB

    Throwing it away

    Not only do I get to throw out my old herbs/spices, which is pretty seldom as I buy the small containers at Penzeys...except Pariesian herbs, peppercorns, cinnamon (Chinese and Veitnamese thank you very much!)Thyme and bay leaves.....these are all used in bulk....I get to throw out my client's shtuff and buy new....AND get paid to shop at Penzeys etc. I love my job.
  4. fresh chilis have not been mentioned....I use the fine and medium blades...$6.99!!!I paid $15 a couple of years ago...
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