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  1. Hi guys! I got excited to post something as this is my first one. :D

    So, the top 3 desserts I like to eat when I was still in Philippines were Halu-halo (literally means mix-mix in english), brazo de mercedes and chocolate crinkles.


    1. HALU-HALO is one of the popular food during summer. This is basically:

    shaved ice with evaporated milk,


    and the following:

    - nata de coco (coconut cream based on a google search, these are cube-like jellies),

    - sweetened red beans,

    - sweetened bananas,

    - cooked sago or tapioca,

    - ube or purple yam,

    - leche flan (this is also one of the best desserts to eat),

    - macapuno (made of coconut),

    - sweetend jackfruit,

    - sweetened kamote (this is similar to sweet potato but caramelized),

    - sweetened kaong (sugar palm fruit)

    - and topped with a scoop of ice cream. :)

    These fruits are usually bought in jars (found mostly in Asian grocery stores). You basically put the fruits at the bottom, add sugar (if you want because almost all the fruits are sweetened so it's already sweet), then you fill the cup/bowl with shaved ice and add milk. And most importantly, mix it well before you eat because you don't want to eat shaved ice with milk only and then eat the really sweet fruits last.



    Yah, I think the name is Spanish? I tried making this but I just failed. It's kinda hard to do and takes a lot of patience but it's really worth it. This is my favourite cake! In Philippines, most bakeries sell this but my favourite is from Goldiluck's which is located in shopping malls.

    Brazo de Mercedes recipe



    These are my favourite chocolate cookies! I think this one isn't really from Philippines but they are really popular. I was kinda shocked when I came here in Canada, because they don't sell these cookies in the bakeries I've been to so I tried baking these on my own. Since my post is getting long, I'll put the recipe as a link at the bottom.


    I hope you enjoyed my post! Happy eating and baking everyone! :)

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