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  1. we had the first warm day after a long and very cold winter. I enjoyed working in the garden, so dinner had to be something quick. Pasta, speck, peas,
  2. home is where the heart is, my home is in the freezer as there was this heart ;-) I tried, but found nothing to pair with as this a very classical dish in Vienna. I pulled also some dumplings and made this ragout from veal heart, dumplings and deep fried fermented cucumber.
  3. @BonVivant, your Fleischnockerl look superb! btw, I am going to Hungary tomorrow!
  4. on fridays I often cook vegetarian, so I can post here and not in the fridge clearing thread ;-) being excited about eating at hangar7 next week, where the best indian cook is responsible for the menue, I had to make a curry. chickpeas with spinach, spicy, warming, comfort food!
  5. @Anna N, yes, they are sea beans, they are slightly salty, so they don't need much, just a little garlic and a squeeze of a lemon. this cedro lemons have such a beautiful taste and the season is right now, keep your eyes open, it's worth it!
  6. Camerones from the freezer, Cedro lemon, salicornes, only 3 components, but extremely tasty
  7. I pulled out thai spiced Patties (leftovers in the filler from sausage making), served them along with a spicy Pomelo salad. I am on a good way since weeks, thank you @Anna N again!
  8. @teonzo thank you so much for saving me hours in the kitchen with a final disappointment
  9. I bought a beautiful, large cedro lemon at the market. on the stand with the preserved fruits I saw some candied ones, they are cut in half lenghtwise, innerpart removed and the rind with the thick albedo perfectly translucent. has anyone tried that?
  10. today I took some homemade gnocchi from the freezer, cooked a simple gorgonzola sauce and served a salad on the side. tasty, but extremely ugly, so no pic :-(
  11. what a coincidence, I just started to make my marmalade from seville oranges today
  12. from the drawer with the sausages: crispy black pudding, with roasted potatos and sauerkraut, comfort food on a cold evening
  13. I know exactly what I have in my freezer drawers: too much ;-) no, but I have a system. it starts with game, followed by other red meats, birds, fish, shellfish, sausages, thats the raw freezer. the other starts with fruit purees for icecream, and goes down with stocks and jus, ready cooked meals. dumplings and gnocchis, vegetables and last one bread, sweets and dough. today I pulled out some red Cabbage and some Chicken stock and blend it together for a nice soup. yesterday I mixed the zests of 2 oranges with some vegetable oil and let it infuse over night. this I dripped on top, which gave a nice flavor. sorry, no pic, you have to trust me.
  14. with arctic temperatures for weeks now, I do prefer comforting food. homemade spaetzle with little speck and cheese, leftover salad
  15. we were making sausages today, so I defrostet my backfat which was stored in the freezer. and being 4, I took the chance to pull out a bigger roast. stuffed belly from suckling pig with cabbage salat.
  16. winter cod is coming soon and I still had some in the freezer from last season. so I pulled one out and served it today with a stew of giant beans and chorizo, topped with parsley oil
  17. since I am clearing my freezer, and posting in the other thread, I have little to show here. however, today I made a tart with walnuts, goats cheese and cranberries
  18. @Anna N, you were used to 5 in a household and still keep your stock at that level. I always lived on my own, I never had to feed 5, so no reason for big stocks, but I do.............
  19. hihi @Anna N, you got me wrong, you mentioned, there were 5 of you living at your house and you kept a freezer stock. why do I? ;-)
  20. @Anna N, there were never five of me.where does this come from? btw, same here, take something from the "rare" freezer, cook it up, and put 2 containers into the precooked :-(
  21. @Anna N, feel free to drop by whenever you are around Vienna ;-)
  22. I finished everything within half an hour (besides the jus) steam parsnip, mix with butter, season, keep warm in the oven, same with spinach, bacon in the microwave while frying the liver and make the crispy parsnip. plating 1 min.
  23. @Anna N, I love your steak and hate myself that I have none in my freezer!
  24. todays proof: lambsliver, parsnip mash, spinach, crispy parsnip, speck, jus
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