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  1. going over the top, you could bread it and deep fry! make sure, you have schnaps around!
  2. I never heard about monkfish liver, but here we have tinned cod liver. super fat, but super delicious. to add even more fat we eat on pn a slice of sourdough bread with butter and drizzle lemon on top. a very typical winter dish!
  3. I have not made kuku sabzi for a while, but going to the farmers market and smelling all these beautiful herbs, I knew what I want for dinner!
  4. with pork neck from the freezer I cooked a very traditional austrian dish today. simmered and served with root vegetables and fresh grated horseradish. two portions go now into the freezer with ready made meals :-(
  5. @Smithy I only use the young ones in early spring, later on I pick the seeds. When carefully roasted they develop a nice nutty aroma.
  6. from the freezer I pulled a fillet of char, served it with a nettle risotto and crispy skin.
  7. I think it was @Anna N who posted her dutch baby days ago. It took me some time to get the right pan but now I have one ;-)
  8. I have not eaten this dish for abt 25 years. It just did not come into my mind. somewhen this week I woke up and knew, that I have to make that: smoked pork tongue, mash from split peas, pickled horseradish. It was truly comforting.
  9. @blue_dolphin, here is a one person household, and my list is similar ;-)
  10. @shain I'd prefer a less sweet version, as I love to eat it with soups and stews
  11. @shain, would you mind sharing your cornbread recipe? I am still experimenting and try to collect as many variations as possible
  12. @cakewalk go for it, it is delicious. this one is easy https://persianmama.com/chicken-in-walnut-pomegranate-sauce-khoresht-fesenjan/
  13. I get very good pomegranate juice here and just cook it down to a thick consistency, voilà, molasses. and no, the fresh ones go on top when the dish is finished
  14. yes, I did it myself, onions, walnuts, pomegranate molasses, s+p, water. nowadays it seems that pomegranates are available all year over here
  15. this morning I pulled something from the freezer and it turned out to be rabbit liver. From the drawer stuffed with sauces and fonds I took a container with fesenjan sauce. served it with persian noodle rice, not much new space, but every little helps!
  16. from the pantry: duckleg confit. celeriac and pickled cranberries
  17. @kayb I cured overnight, Salt/sugar ratio 2:1 + lemon peel. this was on the salty side, so I soaked it in fresh water for abt 1 hour. cucumber peeled, deseeded, diced, mix with lime rind+ lime juice, a shalot, chili, salt , a pinch of sugar and if you have, some lemon oil, drain before serving. I did like it with this fatty salmon.
  18. my fishmonger had beautiful wild salmon loins. I cured them with salt/sugar/meyer lemon peel and cooked them sv for 25min to 40° C. I served it with a cucumber tartare, dill oil and dill tempura. very fresh, clean taste.
  19. to be honest, I used ready made anchovy paste. and I used a musslin (actually not musslin, but this bandage from a first aid kit ) between the paste and the yolks. I had some attempts before and the yolks broke, so I thought abt a kind of "protection" and it worked
  20. @blue_dolphin I cured my eggyolks in anchovis paste, which turned the yolks into a bottarga flavour. I liked it a lot. also used some black salt, so the outside of the yolks is black
  21. new project started today, as I got another fridge I have plenty of space for big boxes. I bought fillets from char, and put them in a special brine and hope within a week they turn into matjes (is this how you call them?) paralell I am dehydrating smoked salmon for salmon powder
  22. shame on me! I had to get fish, (see the preserving thread) so I went to the wholesale market and bought a poussin which went to the freezer :-( From the fishbones I cooked fishstocks which will also be frozen. For tonight I pulled a bag with chicken wings. not enough for what will go in............
  23. @Anna N I sliced the celeriac with my meatslicer and boiled it a few minutes in salted water.
  24. the other half from my oxtail I cooked into a ragout, und layered it lasagne like with celeriac, and spinach. on top a quenelle whipped cream with some fresh grated horseradish. one portion left, so freezer again :-(
  25. yesterday I pulled out a bag with oxtail. half of it turned into a soup, that will go to the freezer the other half i will show you tomorrow ;-) and btw, I bought a fridge for my basement with 3 freezer drawers today, so lots of new space ;-)
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