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  1. I haven't been here for a while, due to reasons, however i am still cooking: stuffed tulip
  2. when I saw this beauty, I had to buy it! purple babycauliflower, steamed with camomille and sauce polonaise
  3. here is the complete dish
  4. Deryn, here is another article on the subject and in the short film, you can see how it is done. it was not sashimi like, luke warm and extremly juicy and soft. with a palette knife we could easily take the fish out of the wax. it was served with vegetable bulgur, salad creme, salad and fennel pollen. I will try to find a pic from the complete dish. our group was 22 people and we all agreed, that it was excellent. http://www.steirereck.at/en/stories/madrid_fusion.php
  5. no Deryn, we put some paper on a baking tray, sprayed it with non stick speay, put the fish with skin side down onto it, sprayed the fish with non stick spray and then poured the beeswax, melted to 75° C over it. Let the wax cool until hard again, turn everything out, pour the paper away an take the portions out of the wax. serve.
  6. in my cooking group we tried this method with char, turned out to be pretty perfect
  7. I am within a group of people, who likes to cook together, I would love to share some of our dishes with you: horse carpaccio with avocado cream, truffle and rocket. horse is so much underestimated!
  8. SV Skrei with risoni pasta, red bell pepper and chorizo. the fish was 30 min at 50°C underwater and was perfect
  9. no meat Saturday again, did not miss it! crispy sweet potatoes, caramelized walnuts, stilton, sage
  10. I started the new week with a veg day, spicy roasted carrots, avocado, greek yoghurt, toasted seeds and cress
  11. having a bad cold, the only thing that helps is a chicken soup. spiced up with ginger and lemongrass.
  12. last weekend I produced variations of bratwurst. tonight I tried rabbit with some carrots on the side......... carrot puree, braised in goose fat, carrot salad, pesto from the green and deep fried carrot green
  13. making sausages all day, I just wanted very little meat ;-)
  14. tonight I had sauerkraut/potato rösti with fried black pudding, the rösti is my new friend! moist and crispy
  15. just a simple pork t-bone with some potatoes and a salad for the vitamines
  16. rotuts, its so simple, do a batter with cornstarch, flour, 1:1, water, some garlic, ginger, s+p, chilipowder, pre-cook the cauliflower florets for abt 7 min, drain, coat with the batter and deep fry. serve with homemade sweet+sor sauce.
  17. sweet and sour cauliflower. I did not miss any meat.
  18. cauliflower rice with arabic spices and lamb, simple dinner tonight!
  19. Indeed i bought half of a deer from my hunter, butchered it and put in in my freezer. there are worse places to live ;-) this pieces come from the leg, as I labelled every single bag (which I not always do) I knew how to treat it ;-)
  20. there was a deer in my freezer, I braised it in red wine, port, marsala and served it with dumplings, and a pear, poached in red wine.
  21. cold dinner tonight, beets, cooked egg, trout caviar, wasabi foam
  22. ramen with pork belly, pickled mushrooms, onsen egg was my start for the new year
  23. the pic is not very appealing, but the soup is: spicy red onion soup
  24. simple, but delicious, roasted pears, walnut, bacon with mustard dressing
  25. no meat tonight for me after the duck I had at my mum's place yesterday. simple yeast dough, jerusalem artichoke puree, anchovis, capers
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