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  1. @BonVivant you can also call them "Bubespitzle" ;-) I made by coincidence a vegan dinner tonight. mushroom ragout with fried polenta.
  2. from my yesterdays eggnog, I had a small quantity left. I baked this minicakes today and poured the nog in the dough.
  3. @scubadoo97, consider if you take something with lover alcohol percentage, you reduce the shelf life.
  4. I would love to hear how you guys liked it, if you give it a try.
  5. yes, pharmacy, or you go to Italy, there you can buy it in any supermarket ;-)
  6. no, I just use the pure alcohol, as this has a neutral taste. I find brandy or rum too dominant. and you can keep that outside the fridge for ages!
  7. the vessel doesn't matter @Shelby ;-) my recipe: beat 5 eggyolks with 1 tbsp vanilla sugar for 5 min. pour 125 ml 96% alcohol over 250 g sugar and stir, put that to the eggs, beat for further 5 min. mix in 250 ml cream and 125 ml fullfat milk, mix to incorporate, done!
  8. I made a small batch of eggnog for christmas today, it tastes good already, but will be even better after a few weeks
  9. the origin of this dish is from czech republic and normally sweet. you can either take some white bread, or as I did today brioche. flatten it with a rolling pin, smear it with whatever you feel like (I used red pesto), press together, coat in eggwash and fry until crisp and golden brown. the sweet version is with a dark plum jam and served with caster sugar. my version is served wit saffron fennel.
  10. @Smithy, look here: http://honest-food.net/2009/09/14/essence-of-tomato-strattu-estratto-conserva/
  11. the result, when you reduce 10 kilos of tomatoes to perfect strattu!
  12. from the category ugly but tasty I made some pasta e fagioli with nduja and for that extra crunch crispy chorizo.
  13. @Anna N, I blanched them 5 min (colours separeted) drained and let dry on towel. Melt 2 tbsp butter with 1 tsp sugar and 1 tbsp vinegar, add 1 shallot andsome thyme. pour that in tarte pan, arrange vegetables, puff pastry on top, bake for 40 min at 200° C
  14. friday night vegetarian dinner: tarte tatin wit carrots and parsnips, dough is a puff pastry with salted sheeps creamcheese
  15. @liuzhou, what a great idea to fry tongue, I steal that idea ;-)
  16. @Dejah I used 1:1 pomegranate juice and chicken stock as braising liquid, the shanks dusted with cornstarch, seared and then braised wit onions, carrots & leek
  17. today I made oriental lamb shanks, braised with pomegranate juice and served with couscous. the sauce is fingerlicking good
  18. Not much time for cooking and plenty of veggies in my fridge I went for green beans in tempura with a spicy anchovis/mayo/yoghurt dip
  19. finally I got a cornstick pan, so I baked cornsticks. gamberones in the freezer turned into a warming soup.
  20. @Okanagancook, yes this are dumplings from stale bread and I used fresh chanterelles, which I sweated together with some onions before I put it into the dumpling mix. but I am sure dried will do7
  21. for a baking contest in Vienna I created a cake, rosemary in the dough, candied beets in the goats cream cheese fillig, raspberry jelly, white chocolate ganache, mirror glaze with beetroot juice, candied beets and beetroot leather for decoration
  22. summer is gone, so my cooking has changed back to braising. I found something in my freezer labelled as "deer for stews" so I made a goulash, chanterelle dumplings were also ready, a quails egg and a gherkin, perfect comfort food.
  23. I got some vinegar mother (is this how you call it?), put on some fermented raspberry juice, lets wait and see
  24. give it a try, I really liked it, I made a marinade of evo, pomegranate molasses, a little harissa paste, s+p and brushed it all over te beet and inside, before I put the lamb mince in
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