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  1. I was wondering if anyone has compared the kohn pressure cookers to the fagor? I have this kohn, no complaints and looking buying the larger size, but the fagor seems to be a bit less expensive... thanks!
  2. I think this flat coffee filter paper would be ideal, natural unbleached. We use it for our Chemex coffee makers, but I'm definitely going to try it out in place of parchment paper next time...
  3. I've been using the hawkins models stainless stell PCs for years now, I've never tried anything else. It seems like the favorites mentioned in this thread are so much more expensive. I'm wondering if anyone else out there can compare the hawkins to some of the fancier ones... I'm just wondering what I'm missing out on if anything, as I PC daily and any improvement is always welcome. Thanks & Happy New Years!
  4. using this one for grinding spices and dry seeds: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00004SPEU/ref=as_li_ss_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=390957&creativeASIN=B00004SPEU&linkCode=as2&tag=awa0221-20 I've been using this brand for years but only for dry items. But I have to say I keep two around just in case one burns out, not that it burns out easily, but I tend to use it even when making bulk items. Sometimes I'm making desserts that need dry finely ground seeds nuts etc it does it a much better and even job than the mini cuisinart/ food processor. for small batches of spices I use the mortar and pestle...
  5. is air frying the same as vacuum frying?
  6. This is not necessarily the part of the physical preparedness kit, but more of a lifestyle update I guess? Let me know what you all think of this. Why not prepare ourselves from the inside out? During a disaster/emergency situation the fright, scare or panic, (perhaps thoughts of impending doom etc...) can cause us to experience so much stress and fear it is as if we were already dying. The body and mind experience go through so much that it start a process of physical health deterioration. We already know our thoughts have a direct affect on our lives. It has been studied and shown that everything we believe, think, say and do is reflected directly, or manifested in our lives. The thoughts "I don't have enough food," "I am starving," "I am cold, dying," etc. couple with the physical experience of being these kind of situations is enough to put us in the grave quickly. I'm suggesting we practice a few techniques that will directly prepare us for such an event: 1. Every so often FAST. There are are many benefits to fasting... a. When you fast you gain the confidence and freedom of knowing that in any emergency or just by choice you can live easily for extended periods of time without food. b. Even if you practice living on one meal a day for sometime, you will quickly see that you live on limited food/water FOREVER. 2. Practice some techniques that directly work on your thoughts. The quantity and quality. - is one such powerful tool.a. You can reduce the frequency of thoughts (in this case particularly negative thought patterns). Also watch and break the pattern of connecting thoughts. For example how we loose sleep by making mountains out of mole hills. The way one thought leads to the next next next... b. You can also use this technique to disconnect yourself from reactions to the life situations. from emotional & physical pain etc.3. Live sustainably. If you have a sustainable lifestyle then you never have have to "prepare" for such an event. a. Grow some food. b. Compost your organic matter - at least start practicing with you kitchen scraps. c. Practice living off the grid every so often. Again you will build you confidence in your abilities to sustain yourself and your family. All this just for some inner peace interesting article about unclutching interesting page on unclutching interesting page on
  7. Here are some off-the-grid cooking solutions: wood gas stove - very cool technology, burns clean practically no smoke and uses a variety of natural wood materials (even coconut shells!) volcano grill, or for off grid baking I'm wishing for a green egg soon thermal cooker, again efficient... less fuel good in combo with wood gas stove...
  8. Sacred secrets to cooking off the grid wood gas stove collapsable stove thermal cooker
  9. I've been using cultures of microorganisms to do the carbonation for me... good o' fermentation still works here. Soda pop with health benefits
  10. Some good info on oils, health and cooking. The funky smell of canola happens once it goes rancid. I won't buy, eat or cook with canola oil period. Aside from the rancidity problem most canola is GMO. There are just way better choices... if you are looking for the high smoke point try palm oil (no taste) of course ghee if you like the taste of butter but has a much higher smoke point. Coconut oil, if you don't mind the flavor. These all work for baking also. enjoy & good luck
  11. ahh the coconut glory! love it and these spell out why... enjoy! must read # 1 must read #2
  12. I have a set like these. I use them for perforating papers... art not culinary but I'm curious too what will you use them for? I'm thinking pastry something...?
  13. Here's the recipe I use for preserving or pickling lemons... http://www.paajaka.com/2008/05/authentic-south-indian-lemon-pickle.html Its says 10 days here, but I usually let it go for more like a month.
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