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  1. Does anyone know if any wine tasting or food and wine pairing groups in North Jersey? I just graduated from FCI - wine program and would like some additional first hand experience to test what I've learned? thanks
  2. Boy do I agree . Have you ever experienced that Acme at Styertowne? What a nightmare.
  3. Just returned from ten days in the area and The Crush is in full swing, probably finished now. I stayed in a beautiful cottage in Glen Ellen and travelled around each day . Weather was quite warm during the day and cool at night. Also took a day trip to see THE Birds Home in Bodega Bay. Visited Schramsberg- tour not worth the cost , Gloria Ferrer- patio worth the trip alone, Mumms- fun and decent sparkling wine. Spencer, Arrowood, Integra, V Sattui, Sterling ( gondola ) a few in the Anderson Valley, Valley of the Moon winery and another one close by high up on a hill. Also got to spend some time in Sonoma town and saw BottleShock there in the old theater where the producer and director stop by and introduce the film. If you want to stay in a quiet , beautiful spot , let me know and I'll send the link. Calistoga mud baths were fun but very hot. Great time of year to go and not as expensive as I thought it would have been . Talk to the wine servers when they are not busy and you most likely will not have to pay the tasting charge.
  4. Wiener


    If this is the same chain I am thinking about, there is one located in downtown Manhattan three blocks from Wall Street near John Street. It is very very popular but be careful. They have a lot of the German and European chocolates, however, they are very old or made outside of the usual coutry where the products are from . For example, Milka chocolate bars usually are made in Germany- pale purple wrapper - but the ones sold in Zeytinia are from Poland. The ones I had were not so great. I guess you can run into this problem anywhere. Curious if it is the same market chain.
  5. Lentinas in Lyndhurst / No Arlington border witll order them for you and will get you butternut squash ravioli as well. I just ordered some yesterday and will have it by Thursday.
  6. There was another large German Festival at the Deutsche Klub in Clark , NJ. Club has been around for over 60 years and hosts 3-4 large events each year. They served great food and served Radeberger beer, which is delicious. I find this to be a tad more authentic than Germania Park but both are quite good.
  7. Have to comment on Legal Seafood, which at on time was my Bergen County guilty pleasure on a Sunday afternoon. Used to be quiet, fresh, pleasant and offered excellent wines at decent prices. Legal Seafood is taking a fast nosedive in my opinion. Sevice and food quality continues to go downhill. The Short Hill's location is actually dirty at times and the restaurant staff has become less and less attentive. Also ate in the LS in Baltimore last weekend and it was awful. I am pretty sure we will be seening Legal Seafood being advertised on tv within a month or two. And I really liked this place!
  8. IKE's crab cakes on the boardwalk .
  9. Wiliam and Sonoma carries it in Montclair. Also , try Julius Meinl Austrian coffee. I actually order it from Austria directly and because they remove the tax , the price is quite reasonable. Check out meinl.com
  10. Holstens is one of the best in the Montclair area but is dirty most of the time. Guess that goes with the turf. Never got sick from it but the place is filthy. Ever since the Sopranos they have added better lighting and cleaned the floor on occasion. Great ice cream, though.
  11. Try the mussels at Lucky Bones. Interesting pasta with gorgonzola sauce. Only thing I don't like is the mess it makes. Not so easy to eat. The Italian beer is light and refreshing. Usually have to wait about 35 minutes but they have a nice porch. Have been there a few times this month. Less crowded because of the chill in the air down there.
  12. Not here too often so I hope this topic is of some interest to all. I enjoy eating out at a nice restaurant as often as I can. I find it very very difficult to find a restauant and /or server , that can set a smooth pace of service throughout a meal. For starters, I enjoy a glass of champagne as soon as I can have one served to me. If we are a large group, I might order a bottle. We then often have a bottle of wine with dinner and if the occasion really calls for an after dinner drink I like a port or perhaps an Italian dessert wine. I do not do this often, however, when I do, I find it is most difficult for many servers to pace the wine and or drinks throughout the meal. In other words, I don't want to receive my wine one minute before the entree arrives. Etc etc . Any suggestions?
  13. I live in the Clifton-Nutley area and grew up in Nutley. This may show my age but I remember walking to Bradlees and having pizza at Scottos and thinking it was the best. I think it is still there. Don't think the pizza is grand, though.
  14. I stopped by the Saturday before Christmas or one before that and do not fully grasp the accolades for this place. I went with relatives from Galicia at around 1 pm . There was very little to buy, staff was quite short, and there were a few samples but you couldn't get to the table. The staff was a bit abrupt. The cookies I bought were stale and the water (sparkling) was flat. Perhaps I just hit the place on an off day or made the mistake of going right around Christmas. I'll try it again some time but I feel I might have missed something there.
  15. You can reach the mall (if you wish to call it that) from the back road by Costco. The Bed Bath and Beyond is very small and cramped. About half the size of the one in Wayne . What were they thinking when they built this?
  16. I forgot about Richfield Farms! Thanks! ←
  17. 2004 Apremont is a favorite of mine. Around $10
  18. I am new here on the wine forum and hope someone can answer a question. I bought a case of Rose de Regali (2004) from Sicily because I enjoyed it so much in a restaurant last summer. I find that it has many of the enjoyable light aspects of a rose with a light tendancy toward a light red wine. I've enjoyed about half of the case and came across a bottle last week that tasted "off" a bit watery. When you buy a case of wine, aren't they usually consistant? I am sure there are several factors that cause the change but I wonder if the rest of the case will be "off"...thanks for any feedback....
  19. Triangle Is Ok in its own unique way. I see it as a German diner, so to speak. The sauerbraten and knoedel are decent. The salads are straight out of dinerville -iceberg , tomato slice, raw onion, and a spicy Russian dressing on top. The bread and rolls taste like they were supermarket bought, pulled right from a platic bag. If you go for lunch and order from the lunch menu, you receive the same meal as dinner time on weekends, at least, for a lot less money. I go there once in a while because it it close. Went to Helmers about a year ago and enjoyed it. They had fresh German beers on tap. Kind of a cozy place. I'd still vote for the Black Forrest Inn.
  20. Hi My favorite food is German food . I am German and have to say that the best German restaurant in New Jersey is the Black Forrest Inn in Stanhope, right off of 80. It is also the most expensive, but well worth a special occasion.
  21. Happy New Year to all ! First time ever I ventured out on New Year's Eve and enjoyed Die Fledermaus at the Met in New York! Beforehand, we had a a great steak at home. Made my favorite cherry preserve , red wine, balsamic sauce which I copied from Karen MacNeil, who wrote the Wine Bible. A few glasses of rose champagne before the opera made for a great evening. And were were back in New Jersey by 11 :30 , safe and sound.
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