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    Granite vs Marble?

    HI! I am currently a hobby-est in the chocolate and confection area. Most of the bakeries I have worked in and the books all seem to say to work on a Marble slab. We're considering doing something different in our kitchen and I'm wondering if Granite would work the same way as marble. Does anyone know? We live in an area with a lot of granite which is why we were considering granite over Marble.
  2. I agree! As a newbie having no formal training, the Grewling book is almost intimidating and not the most reader frlendly. Kerry, your advice is always easy to understand and so helpful! You seem very approachable!
  3. Milangal

    Help! Overseeded

    OK-so I think I overseeded my chocolate. It seems in temper (no bloom when I do a test strip) but it's super thick! It's semi-sweet/dark (53.8%) Callebaut that came in callets. I've added a very little cocoa butter but didn't know how much or if I was doing the right thing. Any advice for a newbie?
  4. Milangal

    Help! Overseeded

    RURAL Minnesota. I wish I lived somewhere closer Kerry! Thanks Jen and Kerry! When I get the chance to get back at it I know what to try!!
  5. Milangal

    Help! Overseeded

    Jenny-Thanks!! I'm going to work with it again tomorrow, I just had to put it away so we could head to the lake since I'd worked with it too long already. Kerry- the bag doesn't say the viscosity as where I got it must have repackaged it into 5.5 lb bags and slapped their own label on. Looking at the website and their product information I THINK it's 3 drops. When I was working with it it was so thick I could barely get it to dump out of the molds to make shells Here's the link for the chocolate I had. BTW-you're extremely helpful on all of the posts I've seen you write on! I wish I were nearer to take some classes from you (I'd seen your kitchen classroom you built!) http://wholesalemeltingchocolate.gostorego.com/chocolate-brands/callebaut-chocolate/callebaut-finest-belgian-bitter-sweet-chocolate-callets-22-lb-815nv.html
  6. Milangal

    Granite vs Marble?

    WOW! Thanks for all of the information!! I was hoping it was simply that it was needing a large, hard, cool, mass. YAY! Now I can plan the kitchen! Thanks everyone!!
  7. Milangal

    Favorite tools for hand enrobing?

    I accidentally found my telescoping marshmallow roasting fork from the dollar spot at Target works amazing!! I bent the tongs apart a bit and it's spectacular! I may have to bend the handle a bit but no biggie since it was only $1. It's the tongs are strong yet small for easy dipping.
  8. I accidentally found my telescoping marshmallow roasting fork from the dollar spot at Target works amazing!! I bent the tongs apart a bit and it's spectacular!
  9. Milangal

    Chocolate Tempering Machines

    I too have to have mine a few degrees warmer to keep in temper-Although-the one I have is the one JenBunk owned
  10. Milangal

    Confections! (2006-2012)

    wow! Amazing! will you teach me!!?? I'm just getting started and all of the coloring is beautiful!
  11. Milangal

    Inexpensive Chocolate Sources?

    I found a decent deal through these guys: http://wholesalemeltingchocolate.gostorego.com/ Pretty good customer service too. I got an email from him after I ordered to check on warm weather shipping and he was very nice!