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  1. Dan, I have found Flor de Cana Grand Reserve (7 yr) and Barbancourt 5 Star in Rochester, MN. Brugal Anejo is also worth trying. Salud, Patrick
  2. Ed, Perhaps they were confused with Barbancourt, who does make a 5 star. I do have a bottle of Serralles new rum, Don Q Anejo (aged 7 years, or so I was told at Casa Don Q in Old San Juan when I bought it). Salud, Patrick
  3. I only bought the Colombian rum because it was one I haven't tried. I am hoping to be able to mix it. The only other rum from there I have tried is Ron Viejo de Caldas and I was not impressed. I have yet to try the 1919, but I liked the Royal Oak Select and hope the 1919 doesn't disappoint. Hopefully the Flor De Cana is better than the 12 yr. I like the Grand Reserve 7 yr better than the 12. The Pampero I love. It is great stuff. Patrick
  4. I just returned from a trip to Florida where I found a bottle of Flor De Cana Centenario Gold (18 years). The bottle looks almost identical to the Centenario (12 years). I looked on the F.D.C. website and couldn't find any info on it. Has anyone tried it or heard anything about it? I payed $40 and bought the last one on the shelf. Also picked up: Planatation - Barbados $30 Pampero Aniversario $31 Angostura 1919 $21 Ron Santa Fe (Colombia, 72° proof) $12 Thanks, Patrick
  5. Goya products are fantastico! I like the canned beans, sofrito, recaito, olive oil, Sazon, Adobo, mojo criollo. I like to marinate pork and beef in olive oil, adobo seasoning, and cracked clack pepper. MMM... Sabroso
  6. Too bad they mixed up the Gran Reserva and the Clasico. I need to try the Platino and the Brugal white. All the others are good. Although I was a little disappointed with the Bacardi 8. Salud
  7. I find Ron Del Barrilito 3 Star ito be in the same vein as Pampero aniversario. Though not quite as smooth, it has some similar characteristics. Barrilito is about $18-$22. It is not the easiest thing to find in Iowa where I am however. Salud, Patrick
  8. Garcia21


    Zaya is defintely worth a taste. It is made in Guatemala by the same company that makes Ron Zacapa. While it is not quite as good as Zacapa it does share some of its characteristics and is better than Botran Anejo. Zacapa is ususally cheaper however. ~$35 Zacapa to ~$40 Zaya. Salud, Patrick
  9. I opened a bottle of Noa Noa Rum from Tahiti on Sunday and have not been impressed. It almost has a burnt odor to it. Has anyone else tried this and can you recommend a drink it works with? Salud
  10. Currently I have only a few open: Appleton 21 El Dorado 15 yr Havana Club Anejo Reserva Cruzan Estate Diamond Cruzan Clipper Spiced I have quite a few that are not open yet...
  11. LJC Good to hear you had a successful trip South! I managed to get my hands on some Havana Club as well. I have never tried it before and am definitely looking forward to it. Salud, Patrick
  12. Here are the Venezuelan rums that I know of; Cacique Pampero Aniversario (this is excellent for sipping) Santa Teresa Rums to get in the airport in P.R. I was just there in October so the prices should be pretty close; Don Q Grand Anejo ~$36 Ron Del Barrilito 3 Star ~$13 (This is one of my favorites) Reserva Aneja ~$15 green bottle Ron Del Barrilito 2 Star ~$10 Don Q gold ~$10 Good luck! Patrick
  13. A couple years ago this was one of my favorites. Since production ended I have only seen it here and there. I found it in a bar not too long ago and asked for it. I was amazed to find it wasn't near as good as I remembered. Then again...I used to like Captain Morgan too and now I don't care for it. I guess I just didn't know what I was missing before. Salud
  14. Thanks Ed. I know the 1824 was a bit pricey but it would have cost more here in the states where I can find it. I was happliy surprised by the Brugal Extra Viejo. I bought a 375 ml bottle for $6, tried and loved it. The taste is similar to Brugal Anejo I've had here in the states but much more smooth. Then in another store I found the 1 Liter for $8.99 and was thrilled! Kirk, I researched before the trip and found that you are allowed 5 bottles of lliquor per person from the U.S. Virgin Islands and a 6th if it is made in the U.S. V.I. like Cruzan rum. My wife was with me so I had 6 and she had 5. As far as the ones from the airport in P.R., we had already gone through security and customs so we bought a few more. I don't know if customs even checked how much liquor we had. It didn't seem like it. Patrick
  15. I just returned from a week in P.R. and another week in St. Croix I found and purchased these rums: P.R. AIRPORT Ron Del Barrilito 3 star $13 (Tried) Don Q Grand Anejo $36 Don Q Limon $10 (Tried) ST. CROIX Don Q Grand Anejo $32.99 Barcelo Anejo $5.79 Cockspur V.S.O.R. 1 Liter $23.59 Angostura 1824 $50 Angostura Royal Oak $9.99 Rhum Clement Vieux $20 Rhum Clement Tres Vieux $40 Ron Macorix Anejo Superior $6.50 Brugal Extra Viejo 1 Liter $8.99 (Tried) Cruzan Estate Diamond $10 (Tried) Thank you all who provided info to help me search. Can anyone tell me anything about the rums above that I have not tried? I think the prices were pretty darn good. Patrick
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