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  1. Has anyone been to Chisou? Been past it a few times and not sure whether to try it or not? I'm veggie so just hope it has enough veggie options.
  2. He could always try the Kinderkookkafé for a laugh? SHould be some veggie options there and you get served by kids!
  3. I think I'll have to give this a go too! I'd never have thought about making apple scones before!
  4. I'd never tasted pumpkin before, but had a muffin-like thing a few weeks go...scrumptious!
  5. I'm still not really sure what a Twinkie is, but every time I hear the word it reminds me of the Simpsons episode where a guy leaves the Kwik E Mart in disgust and throws a Twinkie on the floor and Apu says 'stupid man, you can't even hurt a Twinkie' or something to that effect
  6. This wouldn't be good for me - I normally need to pee after my first sip of beer!
  7. I just leave the bag in the whole time. It often smacks me in the face when I tip my mug up at the end though
  8. I don't like it when the waiter/waitress waits at your table after bringing the bill. I normally go halves with whoever I'm with so we have to work out how much that is and I feel all harrassed with someone stood there. Plus you might want to decide amongst you how much tip you want to leave
  9. I walked to a table carrying 3 scorching hot pan things. One of them slipped back onto my arm and burnt me. I had to practically throw the plates down on the table because it hurt so much. I now have a lovely scar to remind me of the incident Another incident was when a wasp was near me (I would normally scream and run away, but I couldn't because I was at a table). It went up my sleeve and stung me and I had to keep a straight face whilse hoping the wasp would leave my T-Shirt!
  10. Oh no, why did I read this on an empty stomach? That looks delish!
  11. I've cut myself quite a few times. This thread reminds me of the Friends episodes where Monica is trying to be sexy in front of Chandler and she drops a knife and it lands in his foot - anyone seen it?
  12. I think the pretzels are a good idea! The herring isn't exactly vegetarian though!
  13. Normally I stay away from drinking wine in a club because of how awful and cheap it normally tastes, but one time I did buy some because it was the cheapest thing on the menu and it was soooo disgusting. I actually gipped every time I sipped it and it took me ages to swallow it. I didn't want to throw it away because I couldn't afford a different drink
  14. I love Kirschporter, which is a Schwarz beer with cherry. I can't have more than 2 though because they're so filling! I also love Hefeweizen
  15. I went to the Bird about a year ago after my friends kept going on about it. It took forever to arrive (didn't help that we'd all just done a charity run so were starving ). The meal was ok and I probably would've been satisfied with it if it hadn't been for my mates going on about it so much and making it seem a lot better than it was. Curry 36 is crazily busy! I used to work near there - the line is always massive! Opposite it is a veggie takeaway place which is also very popular - I've yet to eat there.
  16. I think I've only ever had them with strawberry or raspberry jam - I'm not a fan of butter
  17. I love mini pretzels and salt sticks - I don't normally have much salt in my diet so I let myself have this treat every now and again
  18. I, too, am a vegetarian and used to work at a steak house. I admitted that I hadn't tried any of the meat dishes there and the whole table burst out laughing - they were really great customers. I will always give this answer as I find it worse to lie and pretend I've tried something when I haven't.
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