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  1. Thank Q Annie. I am bad at hand writing via pipping. But am practising along the way while getting the plaques up..
  2. Yes, i have been reading a lot on all the possible ways to create a plaque that will not melt easily. I found on wilton about marshmallow fondant, will be interested to give it a try over this weekend. Do you do plaque or work with pastillage often??
  3. Hi there, I have been working on to do small plaque for writing messages. Currently working with chocolate plaques, but am curious on icing plaque too. Have read about royal icing on this forum and have some ques about these two plaques. 1) Chocolate Plaque, as is made of chocolate, we cant use any colour that contains liquid in them. Other that chocolate piping, is there any colour pen out there? 2) Icing Plaque, as compared to chocolate plaque, which melts faster? Will it be easier to dealt with & write on as compared to chocolate plaques? 3) I intend to do a few to keep for use only when customers request for plaques, am i able to do so? Or plaques could only be made and use at that moment? Thank You.
  4. Hi everybody, I am finally coming back with good news. I have finally managed to obtain the sweetest spot for all 3 chocolates. Actually I have achieved that 2 weeks ago, however am not confident enough to post just afraid that it will be an one off success. Would like to share my findings & learnings with everyone whose using or intening to purchase a ACMC machine. 1) Do it with at least 500-700g of chocolates. Dont bother using the machine if you are doing lesser then that. The chocolates will be easily brunt and easily go lower then your cooling temperature. Fm my try out, I also dariling use 300-400g and the choco did not tempered well even thou i follow the exact temperature. And once, it got burn. 2) If your highest temp for melting is 45C, do not set it at 45C. The temp varies 1-2C fm what is set. So if you are to set it at 45C, it would go btw 44C to 46C (which will burn your choco). My sweet spot is 42C. 3) If your highest temp for cooling is 28C, set it at 28. The same thing, the temp varies 1-2C fm what is set. So if you are to set it at 27, it would go btw 26-28 (which is way below your cooling. My sweet spot is of cos, 28C. 4) As for working temp, you have to really play around with the temperature. partly bcos it also depends on the brand of choco you are using. increasing it by 0.1-0.5 each time. For my I caught it at the following; dark - 32, milk -31.5, white - 31.5. Remember, the temp varies 1-2C fm what is set. 5) Add your seeds in both the front & rear. Dont know if its just me, but I find that seeding in two ends speed things up. As for ladle, I am using a plastic ladel. And i feel plastic ladel works best. Guess partly is bcos plastic doesnt get too cold or warm easily as compared to metal ones. I hope my pointers will get to help for fellow chocolatiers who is facing with the same problem. Dont give up, be patient and keep trying. Much love, Coreen
  5. thank you so much for all the advices. i almost gave up on the machine sometime after. and the funny thing is that i am still relying on hand tempering for my products now. anyway, does anyone here uses ladle to deposit chocolate to their mold?? does it help to deposit the chocolate faster? will it affect the temperature?? i have all along been using a plastic ladle.. just wondering if this is one of the reason why i still cant achieve a perfect temper till date?
  6. oh which means, i should not rely on the temperature shown on the machine to get a good temper?? i set mine at 89.. when i first try out the machine, i do a temper check and keep getting a bloom.. now i have another question... does this mean that i need to set all my temperature for melting higher and the temperature for cooling slightly lower too???
  7. Hi all, does anyone here have experience working with ACMC tempering machine? I just received mine 2 weeks ago, have been working with it but I still see bloom in my chocolate bars. This is getting on my nerves as I dont get that kind of bloom when I was tempering by hand. Done all the necessary reading online. Found out that the temperature shown is actually the temperature of the bowl, I have used my own thermometer for checks before using the chocolate. However Im still faced with similar bloom. Any kind fellow chocolatier willing to share some tips with me on how to deal with the machine? Thanks.
  8. ; think i have fallen in love w cooking. http://t.co/F96lUOH

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