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  1. Looks like the Ebooks are not dead... http://eater.com/archives/2014/05/22/first-look-nexts-tour-of-thailand-digital-cookbook.php Seems exciting but I wonder if they will sell enough to justify finishing the series...
  2. I know I should stop asking...but I was really excited about this, esp when the Paris one came out...but anybody hear anything about this project? Is it dead?
  3. I tweeted Nick Kokonas back in early July about the other cookbooks and he said that they were "nearly done...just need to encode and go". Anybody with a connection know anything more? I loved cooking from the Paris book and am dying for more.
  4. Thank you for the help. Does anyone have any info on Aztec or LA Specialty Produce? I havent been able to get them to call or email me back. (Probably because I am not a restaurant )
  5. Good afternoon everyone- I am an amateur cook who is working on a cookbook project that involves a fair amount of specialty produce. (Things like micro greens, edible flowers, wide assortment of mushrooms, etc). Does anyone know of a great place to find these things in the area? Or on the flip side does anyone know if LA Specialty Produce or Aztec Specialty Produce will sell to me as an individual (and not a restaurant/business)? I should also add..recommendations for seafood/meats as well? I know Lee Lees sometimes has an amazing fish selection...but wondering where else those treasures may lurk... Thank you in advance for any help! Cheers- Justin
  6. Does anyone know if they are ever going to release another cookbook? Looking back at this thread and remembering the wonderful meals I have had at the restaurant, there are a lot of dishes (early ones) that didn't make it into the cookbook. I would love to try to recreate some of those early favorite dishes that never made it into print form.
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