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  1. Thought it worth resurrecting this thread to flag up 5 North Street, after a recent (first) visit. Was a little intrigued about the place, having heard from others who have dined there, and having read David's old review. It really is quite a small place, but one that's actually very cosy and charming. So too was the quickly delivered amuse of Welsh Rarebit - clearly something of a signature item. Freshly baked bread followed - arriving on a board with a knife and left at the table, this pretty much acted as an indicator of the style of the place. Clearly the idea here is to deliver on taste r
  2. Very much my view. I am not a serious food blogger. I find the action of people taking photos of their dinner quite annoying. In fact, the next time I see it happening in a restaurant, I am quite tempted to curl one out on a side plate and present it to the photographer. Cuts out the middleman. Personally I find it more amusing than annoying when other diners whip out some super-lensed SLR, but can understand how it might offend. The trouble is, the most interesting posts and blogs are those with good quality photos that you can practically salivate over. We - or me at least - want to hav
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    Last time I tried making them I noticed that the bath can be too thick after just a couple of hours - presumably because the alginate, while it looks to have dispersed, hasn't really fully dissolved (or maybe it's just got loads of tiny bubbles trapped inside). Try leaving it in the fridge overnight, and see if it thins back out again to a consistency that stops gel blobs forming on the surface when you do the dropping. If the mix is right it shouldn't really matter too much what height you drop them from, or even how thick the liquid you're spherifying.
  4. That's the weird thing. It's a jolt to have a 3-star restaurant's chef produce something so homely. Right down to the use of collages instead of actual plated pics. But in a way it does reflect the elegant simplicity of the restaurant's food. If not its prices. Agreed. I guess the other magic bullet with regards his food is clearly nothing more than old-fashioned cooking skills. But then it's not so easy to write six volumes' worth of material on that.
  5. You're not kidding. It's inspiring, but there's something perverse about such an expensive an restaurant turning out such a cheap, and cheap-looking book. And it's almost disappointing to find out that there are no magic bullet cooking techniques that explain why the restaurant's food is so amazing. Guess having your own veg farmed and shipped in every day helps.
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