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  1. I have always had good experiences there. We use it for special occasions. I should go there more often.
  2. "I didn't realize they had lost their license." I don't think they ever had one. It has alway been a BYO.
  3. bobferdon

    pinot noir

    Carefull... I am the importer... You need to try Torres Mas Borras Pinot Noir. You will be surprized unless you are a fan of a typical Pinot Noir from CA for the same price. It is a Single Vineyard wine. Mas Borras: In Upper Penedès we find lands that give rise to one of the most delicate red varieties: Pinot Noir. These are 10 hectares of exclusive vineyard that produce our famous Mas Borrás wine. To obtain this precious variety we forego big harvests and look for plants with low yields. We age the wine in Nevers oak so that each bottle may reach maturity with an extraordinary wine. Mas Borras has received awards such as the Wine Olympiad in Paris, 1985.
  4. Where do you shop now? Most of this http://www.dreyfusashby.com/France-Massenez.htm is available in NJ. You can special order it from your favorite store.
  5. It is the not The Columbia Inn which is open and business is good. The Montville Inn is a brand new building down the road. It used to be a shot and beer joint and it was torn down and a brand new high end place was built. I have not been there yet but I'm a regular at the Columbia Inn
  6. http://www.civiles.net/index.html I have heard good things about it...
  7. Berta's Chateau http://www.bertaschateau.com/ or Rosemary & Sage http://www.rosemaryandsage.com/review.html Kopici is very casual and not really specail ocasion
  8. here are Burgunday names spoken by Laurent Drouhin http://www.dreyfusashby.com/sounds
  9. The names were given to me by a restaurant owner. That description does not seems right. Basically a twice baked thinly sliced toasted bread to serve with cheese spread.
  10. Can anyone help me source really good Riveria bread or Genoa Bread in the NJ/NY area? Thanks in advance...
  11. Then go to the supermarket. You like commercial ice cream...
  12. Commercial Post... Sula Wines - India - Sold in the USA
  13. I'm doing a Spanish wine tasting and want to bring some Tapas. My few times in Barcelona shows me that there is many types of Tapas prepared early and is left out almost cafertia style for you to select. Thanks for the input everyone.
  14. I would like to find a place in Northern NJ for Tapas takeout... Thanks in advance. Bob
  15. Tommy - you scared me there.... LOL! Bob, I thought you meant that by removing the sediment from the *bottle* that you were somehow removing all of this great flavor. You're apparently referring to unfiltered wines, though. we're on the same page now. ←
  16. Bouquet Du Vin stopped importing these wines as of 1/1/07. Go for the on-line deal.
  17. How many references would you like? http://www.wine-lovers-page.com/cgi-bin/quest/ga.cgi?q=8 http://www.winespectator.com/Wine/Archives...275,150,00.html http://www.findarticles.com/p/articles/mi_..._85/ai_n6106590
  18. sediment is good... no big deal. This is not something that should ruin a night. It means they did not filter all of the flavor out of it. The server did not do a great job but they are supposed to stop when they see sediment. They were likely caught off guard by a 01 having sediment. It should no unless it is completely unfiltered. I sort of pride myself in consuming wines that have not been stripped of all of there flavors...
  19. Go to you local store and ask them to "Special Order" it from Bouquet Du Vin. That would be much easier then trying to track it down. Bouquet Du Vin is a very small distributor. If that does not work send me an email and I will fix you up.
  20. bobferdon


    "Now I've noticed that Dom Perignon does not make me sick," Perhaps the price keeps you sipping and with the cheaper ones you are more confortable gulping and therfore consuming a bit more? Just a thought...
  21. bobferdon

    Missing Cork

    yes it has happened to me before... very rare though.
  22. bobferdon

    Swiss Wine

    Chasselas is what they do very well... If you do buy Pinot Gris it needs to be very young...
  23. Berta's Chateau in Wanaque.... www.bertaschateau.com you won't reget it.
  24. I recently had a well stored 1992 Grande Annee which was a bad vintage and is was great. If you don't want that 96' I'll take if off your hands...
  25. Did someone here actually recommend Kendal Jackson?
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