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  1. each have multiple locations, I like pappasitos, and gloria's restaurants http://www.gloriasrestaurants.com/ . There are several nice restaurants at the shops of legacy near Plano area.
  2. I saw this on some food show ,been wanting them ever since. hope to try. They are black pepper and Gruyere cheese popovers at Foreign and domestic. here is an article. There is a picture. http://www.tastingtable.com/entry_detail/chefs_recipes/2066/Peppery_cheesy_popovers_from_a_Texas_newcomer.htm
  3. It could be qualified as several different types of food I guess, but it has great menu and some good drinks. I like me some gloria's . http://www.gloriasrestaurants.com/index.php
  4. From a Dallas perspective: I thought sonny bryans was good, odoms was great near oak cliff, and mike andersons was amazing. Smoke is on my list to try, pecan lodge was also fantastic.
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