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  1. I'm looking at getting a Weber Smokey Mountain smoker. I live in an apartment with a couple of balconies, and it would live out there. It looks awesome but I want to confirm whether the smoker itself gets hot on the outside when it's in use - especially for long smoking sessions? I'll need to be careful since it will be near glass. Does anyone have one? If so, can you feel much heat coming off it while it's in use?
  2. I had exactly the same issue (and I'm also in Australia). They got back to me pretty quickly - within a week they had a new unit on its way (it would have been sooner except it was Thanksgiving apparently). The replacement doesn't have the same problem but it does seem to be a bit off in the touchscreen - sometimes (often) it misrecognises where I tapped. I told them about this but never heard back.
  3. Well I called Anova a little while ago - they agreed it was faulty and are sending me a replacement unit. So although it's a bit annoying to have it happen, I'm happy with how they're handling it. Hopefully it's not a widespread problem though - I certainly haven't seen it mentioned anywhere else.
  4. Has anyone had an issue with their Anova's screen? I just got my 220V model the other day, and it worked fine for a couple of days, but today I was using it to cook some eggs; I walked away and it turned blank (which I expected), but when I tapped the screen I saw this: I turned the unit off, and now when I turn the Anova on, I just see a blank screen It seems to still respond to touches, but I can't see what I'm doing. I've emailed them to ask about this - hopefully they can send me a replacement as I'd rather not wait for it to go to the US and back for repair
  5. Thanks very much everyone. This is actually for a gift, so links to YouTube won't be quite as suitable! Although I'm going to check them out myself Thanks for the book recommendations, the Uchi one looks like a great idea, but I'll also take a look at the others!
  6. Hi, I'm looking to get a good book about sashimi - about how to cut up different types of fish and present it etc. Does anyone have any recommendations? Thanks! John
  7. Just curious if anybody has found the Anova manual online as a PDF anywhere - the one that's on the USB drive they bundle with the unit? I'd be keen to read over it before I decide whether to buy one.
  8. Has anyone had any experience with the Andrew James range of vacuum sealers (available in the UK)? They have a professional model here: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Andrew-James-Professional-Quality-Machine/dp/B001HBE5Y8/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1375477205&sr=8-2&keywords=Vacuum+sealer I'm looking to use it for sous vide, but I'm curious if anyone has used it before - and also if you're stuck buying their bags or if you could use other bags from other companies? I'll be taking it t.o Australia, so getting their brand bags will be a little challenging! Thanks, John
  9. Hi all, Thanks very much for your help! I got in touch with Basic Ingredients, and even though they don't list it on their website they were able to sell me 200g for $5.50 + postage to Melbourne of $3.00. So that was pretty easy - it took a few days for them to get back to me but once they did, they sent it almost immediately and I received it yesterday. Keith_W - thanks for your offer about splitting the bag, that was going to be my next choice if I couldn't get a small quantity! John
  10. Hi everyone, I've just been watching the latest Modernist Cuisine video for potato puree (I think this recipe is in MC@H as well). They suggest using diastatic malt powder since it acts as an enzyme that can break down the potato starch into a smooth puree. Does anyone know of anywhere one can purchase diastatic malt powder in Australia (preferably Melbourne)? From the recipe (linked above) it suggests that it can be purchased at baking and brewing supply stores, but I've tried a few and none of them seem to sell it - they only sell varieties of non-diastatic malt powder. The closest I've found is this company, but they sell it pre-mixed with flour for baking purposes so I don't think this would work very well! I've tried my usual places (MFCD, The Red Spoon Company, Chef's Armoury) but they don't have it listed - at least not as 'diastatic malt powder'. Thanks in advance, John
  11. Thanks so much for all the advice! I've set aside some time in the next few days to try out a variety of techniques and see if I can master this. Given how many different techniques people have kindly presented here, I think the law of large numbers suggests at least one of them will work well! I'll let you know how I go. Thanks again.
  12. Thanks! I had searched for 'poached eggs' and variations thereof, and nothing came up - but I think this was my iPad app (Tapatalk) misbehaving! Thanks for the links, I'll look at those.
  13. One of my culinary missions for the next few months is to learn how to perfectly poach eggs - like in a cafe or restaurant, where you get egg white in a neat and tidy bundle surrounding an oozey, custard-like yolk. I've tried a number of techniques from a variety of sources, and although I can make passable poached eggs for home purposes, I can never come close to replicating the presentation of a professional's poached egg. One thing I've heard over and over is that it is critical the eggs are fresh - so I've been making sure I use very fresh eggs. This does help but it doesn't solve the whole problem. Other techniques I've tried to varying degrees of success are: - Adding vinegar to the water (there seems to be mixed advice on this, even within the Modernist community) - Stirring the water vigorously, and dropping the egg into the middle (perhaps putting it into a ramekin or other vessel first) - Lining a ramekin with plastic wrap, dropping the egg into the wrap and tying it up tightly (this semi-worked - the egg seemed to cook well and had a nice shape, but removing the egg from the pouch was a nightmare and I lost much of the white in the process) - Using a very deep pot (stockpot) - Using a very shallow pot (deep frying pan) I fully admit I may have just not done a good job with some or all of these techniques, but I was hoping there might be some advice I could get about which techniques are worth persevering with and which are based in fiction. The vinegar addition and the vortex techniques, in particular, seem to be contentious - half the places I read advocate for one while saying the other is a waste of time! Thanks, John
  14. Hi everybody, Has anyone had any experience using 'smart kettles' - electric water jugs that have temperature controls on them? For example, the Breville Smart Kettle, which lets you specify a temperature and time. This seems like an interesting idea, particularly for making coffee and tea, but also for preparing water for a water bath. I'm curious if the temperature controls are actually accurate though - if they're correct to within 1 or 2 degrees C then it seems like an interesting idea. Thanks, John
  15. haresfur - good tip, thanks! I'll have to see if I can befriend someone with a Costco card I live in a small apartment so I hadn't thought about buying in bulk! Keith - I'm in Melbourne. That's good to know you've had success with them in the past. I guess I'd be more comfortable with the manufacturer saying they're not going to leech plastic or disintegrate, but for short cooking times (say
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