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  1. I imagine that taking the chocolate out will be a bigger problem than low heat degradation toxicity....
  2. Sorry for my ignorance Pedro ...but does this works? Is it noticeable over a flat 60ºc profile? How does it compares with classic aging ? Regards David
  3. pimpolho

    Dinner! 2012

    humm will the zuchini do anything other than aspect ? (by the way it looks amazing)...how did the fish ended? I tested yesterday sole sous vide 15 min @57ºc and it ended to mushi ( i applied min vaccum) here people prefer charcoal grilled..
  4. As Paul said, fish tank pumps won't do. Like him, I've melted a few while I was learning that lesson. You can get cheap high-temperature pumps on eBay (I use the a P-38B 12V DC Submersible Water Pump, but there are others). You might also consider using a fish tank bubbler, without airstone, to circulate the water. I melted one of those P38B's when cooking asparagus at 83C. I do not recommend it. I could not find any submersible pump capable of high temperatures. That is why i went to an external pump. dam it seems I have to buy some fish then... If you blow air intowater wont it drops tem
  5. Slow cook under vacuum gives the right control on cooking but whether there is or not migration of harmful substances on food is not clear, further more the bags are mainly sold as vacuum bags or sous vide....no further information is given on how they are produced or how safe they are. I bought some bags (the only easly available) that are a made from magic vac italy (PA/PE). on the site their site is told to use them for 1hour max at 100ºc...which cannot be translated directily in 60ºC x n time. You read that PA/PE is safe and PE pure without plasticizers is absolutely safe...I tend to find
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