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  1. Why not just use an immersion heater? If your setup requires more than 1000w to maintain temp you need to insulate. K
  2. My father still raves about the pigs they used to farm when he was young, they were finished on pears, and my grandmother was supposedly famous for her pear-ham. The taste really comes through, although I have not tested this myself. I've bought half a pig fed on acorns, and this made all kinds of goodness in the kitchen. K
  3. $1.000.000 reached. Impressive. I started with a $149 pledge, but have been updating my pledge as people from the lower tiers are changing to a two unit pledge/backing out. Now I'm at $129.
  4. I use magnets to hold things in place in my bath. I use these from DX, they are super strong and very heavy, and easily holds on through the bag or through the plastic tub which is my bath. (Once I even put them on opposite sides of a frozen burger I wanted to sink, and thought; cool it holds through a 2cm thick burger! Of course when I came back two hours later to get my burger it had a hole in the middle... Donutburger, berfect for bagels:) K
  5. I have done equilibrium dry-curing with 2% salt. Left it in a bag for a week, dried it for another week. I like my cured products with little salt, and 2% was a bit much for me. (I use 1.5% in my bacon.) K
  6. The only part of that long rant that could influence me; has the Anova no CE or UL or other compliance mark? K
  7. I would be suprised if the temperature will be in the "dangerzone" long enough. Make a test! Cook up water in your PC and let it sit on the stove for t-4hours and measure the temperature. Is it below 55C? It depends of course on how long your day is, and room temp and PC insulation. Throw a towel over the PC or put it in the stove (w/o heat on, or on very low heat if you have an electric oven.) Also the food safety expert aproved Mr McGee's method because he reboiled in the morning. K
  8. Do you heat befor mixing in the xanthan? Anyone know a good online supplier of liquid lecithin, with international shipping? (Modernistpanty only has powder.) K
  9. demo

    The Grilling Topic

    I'm ready, but the world is against me.
  10. demo

    About roux

    I made pressure cooked roux in maison jars as described in Modernist Cuisine. In one jar I added a bit of baking soda to increase maillard, it didn't make very much difference. Both sat in the pc for two hours. I now have instant roux ready in the fridge. K
  11. Yes, this was what I planned on doing, make a new sauce with the old one as the "butter". I haven't thought of it as similar to buerre blanc, there is more liquid left before mounting in this red version of mine, but perheps not enough to make a sigificant difference. I the future it will be either red wine flavoured whipped butter, or modern emulsifiers for the reheat. Will I have to have the emulsifiers in before I cool it the first time, or will I be able to whisk it in as I reheat?
  12. AKA cooking by accident. I had leftover red wine sauce, made from glaced onions reduced with stock and wine, reduced a lot, and mounted with butter, a lot of butter. In the fridge it looked like red butter. I heated it in a pan, I whisked on low heat, but the sauce broke. "Let's start again", so i started to cool it down, I put the pan in a larger pan with cold water, and whisked quite heavily to speed up the cooling. Suddenly I was had lovely red wine butter mousse/chantilly. I served it with duck breast, a bit unfamiliar in the beginning, but very good. What should I have done to reheat the sauce successfully? (And is there a name for what I made?)
  13. demo

    Moose (Merged topic)

    I have had good results at 55-56C, and no more time than to make sure the core has reached temp. I think I have read somewhere, Modernist Cuisine perhaps?, that game contains more of the enzymes that break down your meat, so one should be careful with long time low temp cooking as the risk of mushiness is higher than in beef.
  14. demo

    Deviled eggs and foamer

    Modernist Cuisine hollandaise and mayonnaise uses yoke at 65C in the whipper (up and down a couple of degrees to change consistency), so if you sous-vide your eggs rather than hard-boiling them it should be possible. What do your recipe add to the yokes? I usually do mayonnaise and shallots and mustard and tabasco. Maybe saute the shallots and add them to the yoke and strain after SV to get the taste without the lumps? I have also sometimes added sour cream to the yoke-mix, which should also be fine in the whipper. K
  15. I have made some tests where I made constructed cheeses with and without iota and tested in several recipes, as well as freezed them with and without iota in paralell, and also found no noticeable difference whatsoever on the freeze-thaw stability. Both samples with and without iota did thaw and then melted equally well. On the other hand, the iota does clearly affect texture. Did you make a side by side comparison? Does it affect the texture of the M&C or just the reconstructed cheese?
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