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  1. HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Kwanzaa cake just met its equal... I think Lisa Shock is right, soggy pie crusts... and I bet the cakes were pretty over cook too, because they look so hard when she was layering... and It wouldn't stay still with all that weight if it was soft and crumbly like a cake should... I'll pass
  2. Hi everybody! Working in restaurants is a totally different experience for me, I've being doing for the past one and a half years, and I still feel I'm miles away from the mindset I would like to achieve. It is a different way of looking at the pastry world. I found reading good restaurant books very inspiring when creating dessert elements and I would like to hear what are your favorite restaurant books. (The professional ones, with elaborated recipes not the ones for amateurs to do at home ). Thanks in advance for the inputs!
  3. The thicker the custard the less it will sink. Like, when I'm doing vanilla panna cotta (which is pretty runny!) I do wait the cream to actually start cool down and thicken before putting in the molds.
  4. Alleguede the molds are silicon, it shouldn't be a problem to get it out, but the shape of the ice cream is pretty thick, so the bottom always stick to the bottom... I don't know if oil spray could help much but I'm definitely giving it a go! Interesting what you've said about milk powder! Definitely testing that! And, do you know the percentage of trimoline and dextrose I can use to substitute sugar for? Sounds like great ideas! Thank you!
  5. Thanks for the glycerine suggestion Drewman! I don't know how difficult it will be to take the ice creams out of the molds, but it's definitely worth the shot. It's pretty hard to choose between looking good and tasting great. I wish I didn't have to compromise! I'm gonna look for glycerin and I'll feedback the results But I'm also guessing pacojet ice creams are not the best type to make this popsicles due to the higher water content. Unfortunately I don't have any other ice cream machine to work with. Thanks again!
  6. Hi everybody! I'm doing popsicles out of my pacojet ice cream! I've been making it in those silikomart silicon molds. The problem is to get the ice cream out of the molds perfectly I need to freeze the ice cream pretty hard, like way below -20C. Only when it gets frozen hard, it comes out in a pretty perfect shape, otherwise it gets all broken. The popsicle is a red berry ice cream (this recipe works really well in the pacojet!) and I coat it with a really bright white chocolate (I use titanium dioxide for the colour), looks great, but when you bite in to it you see the ice cristals (yes, I do use stabilizer!). The recipe I use is the following and I would love some inputs on how I can make this recipe softer/creamier after the popsicle gets coated and its store in a normal freezer at -18C. Red berry ice cream: 600g cream 600g milk 600g red berry puree 120g yolks 370g açúcar 10g stabilizer Thanks for the inputs!!!
  7. Awesome! I never had much knowledge on sorbets! Great stuff! Thanks for sharing paulraphael
  8. Good point paulraphael I'm definitely using the one specialized for sorbets, it never occur to me why they make that difference... Thanks for the heads up mgaretz!
  9. formula400 when I say stabilizer I mean ice cream stabilizer, I guess any brand will do. The one I use is a powder that prevents ice cristals to form.
  10. Update: Drewman your sorbet recipe worked incredibly well! I'm super happy with that! But I'm definitely buying a refractometer for the future! Thanks again!
  11. Thanks for the refractometer idea Lisa Shock and minas6907, I'll look into that, I never actually use one, but I guess is time for me to do it thanks for the ideal numbers Lisa, I wouldn't know where to start. Thanks for your recipe pjm333! So simple, so easy! Thanks Drewman, I'll definitely order some powdered glucose ASAP and I'll give your recipe a go as well
  12. Hi everybody! Usually my ice-creams turn out pretty good in the pacojet, but sorbets always have a harder consistency to quenelle (due to the amount of water in the recipe), can someone share any secrets to make a more "pliable" sorbet, just something that I can quenelle perfectly? The basic recipe I follow is: 350g fruit puree 550g water 80g sugar 80g liquid glucose 60g trimoline 10g stabiliser Other pacojet recipes are more than welcome! I know pacojet have recipes in their website, but the sorbet recipes turnout pretty similar to what I got. Thanks for any inputs Love, Lia
  13. Hi Guys! I'm looking for some real pacojet recipes and I was wondering if anybody care about sharing their recipes here. The ones I use in my work place are pretty limited and do not work 100% if you change some ingredients. I'm specially looking for sorbet recipes. If someone have any good tips about pacojet, I would love to hear it. Cheers
  14. The real dulce de leche is made with milk, sugar and bicarb soda. The condensed milk is a good way to achieve similar results but is not the actual "argentinian/latin american" stuff. Using condensed milk you can simply boil a can in pot with water for a couple of hours (maybe less) or you can put it inside of a pressure cooker and cooked it for half an hour. It's WAY easier than your method and consistency gets pretty right. You might give it a go cooking in different times, just to check at the diference.
  15. Thanks for all the tips Keith_W I'm doing another tart on monday to test all the tricks I can. I'll see where I can find duck eggs... And thanks for all your support
  16. Thanks for the input DianaB, sealing the pastry case is something that I definitely haven't done. I was reading my post now and I just realize maybe some people didn't get that my problem is with the filling, my lemon filling is breaking down not the actual pastry. Did you understand that as well? Now I feel a little bit ashamed, sorry if my english/writing wasn't clear enough
  17. Cool! Thanks Keith! I heard about brushing egg whites but never butter, good to know!
  18. Kerry, I think infrared thermometer only reads the temperature on the surface, I'm not sure it's enough to tell the temperature inside. Lisa, I do not bake it in water bath (maybe I should give it a try!) and I'm storing it in the refrigerator, cover with plastic wrap. Keith, I am definitely blid baking my tart enough, usually I bake it until I get a nice golden colour on the bottom of the shell. I've never heard of brushing with butter, why does butter help?
  19. Hi everybody! I was wondering if someone could explain to me why sometimes my lemon tart have cracks on the very next day I baked it. I've learn on my apprenticeship that one of the reason is the over baking, so I am always careful to get the tart out when the filling is still a bit jiggly. I know in Heston Blumental's perfect lemon tart recipe the filling should reach only 72C but since I am selling this tarts I cannot keep poking it with a thermometer. I'll be grateful for any inputs! Cheers!
  20. Minas6907 has a good point, it would be definitely difficult/unpleasant to eat a dessert with this kinda decoration if it was made of sugar...
  21. Hey Lisa, What temperature should I cook the sugar to still be able to rolle it? I wanna give that idea a go also
  22. Good idea Baselerd! I'm gonna give it a go using this oil technique! It's unfortunate that this brilliant beads are still a mystery... Thanks everybody!
  23. I was thinking some kinda gel that gets solid at higher temperatures (or room temperature) and when put in a cold surface solidifies immediately...
  24. Hi guys! Looking up on Instagram I found this amazing dessert http://instagram.com/p/VornSEEU8H/ and I've been trying to figure out how to make those tiny, perfectly round translucent spheres. Any ideas how to get this result? Thanks in advance for all the inputs
  25. Cool guys! Thank you so much for the ideas and discussion... I'll give it a go changing my cooking method, adding the butter to the cream and all. Hotmix pro sounds great! But I have no idea if I'm able to buy living in Brazil, and how much it cost... Thanks again!
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