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  1. the chilling allows the juices to both be reabsorbed and to thicken within the cooled product thus allowing the cooked ingredient to be more flavorful
  2. Great to see this topic here. Our book has cooking times, temps and reasons for many of these eggs and the desired results. To add, we found quail eggs at 75 °C for five minutes produced wonderful onsen eggs and well, the book does tell a ton more than I can type. if there are questions, please feel free
  3. this neutralization is the definition of salts forming in chemistry so other than evaporation which we know produces salt, this describes how salts were formed in general. we used sodium in the example but it applies to potassium salts etc. thanks for diving in
  4. I heard you guys were all going to get into a food truck and cross the country cooking BBQ and burgers, is this just a rumor/dream?
  5. wanted to say a few seats are still available for next monday's dinner at blackfish restaurant where we are cooking with Chip and his team A
  6. yes, metric and yes, cavatelli, not all of them, rather we will have a pasta chapter
  7. the book is an evolution of ideas in food. it blends the science and creativity of our cooking in a compilation of essays accented with recipes.
  8. the original idea was to use it in mashed potatoes. also could be nice in a gnocchi base, blend the powder with the flour. try mixing with butter and crumbs to use as a crust for fish or duck.
  9. the bar services both JG and Nougatine I have sat at the bar and ordered the a la carte menu at lunch. It is a great way to enjoy the food
  10. actually, if you sit at the bar at JG, you may order the JG menu as well as desserts. You can, and I have, ordered just desserts. At lunch, the desserts are two plays as opposed to the evening 4 plays designed and executed by Johnny.
  11. • White chocolate-buttermilk consomme: 976g white chocolate, 1452g water, 14g salt, 1940g buttermilk, 174g brown butter was then cooked and strained and clarified with .7% gelatin enjoy
  12. twodogs

    Per Se

    the deal, which prompted us to make and get an open table reservation for tomorrow, is not quite as good as the website would let you believe. when we confirmed the reservation today the 5 course was billed at $175, not $110
  13. i would add that mahleb has flavors more similar to tonka beans save the fda disapproval. ah yes and tonka beans are like bitter roasty toasty vanilla. dinner sounds like fun.
  14. twodogs

    Using a Pacojet

    Bryan, for the grilled potato ice cream you need the skins on as the charred skins give incredible flavor and its unique color. They also cook a bit faster if the potatoes are cut into wedges...also more surface area for the grilled flavor. as for scrambled eggnog, a bit of methocel sgA150 in the eggnog helps the scrambling process. also then you get a nice hot-cold thing going on. keep up the good work.
  15. twodogs

    Using a Pacojet

    serve the grilled potato ice cream with some scrambled eggnog, tis the season and what sort of business is being started?
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