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  1. Thanks guys. Should have mentioned, I'm based in the UK! Anyone know any local sources?
  2. Hello! Does anyone have any idea where I can buy freeze-dried sweet corn? I can't seem to find anywhere online that's got it in stock! Any help would be great, google has stooped being my friend at the moment! Thanks!!
  3. Thanks for the replies! I will definitely have to give a 'flowers only' batch a go. Mjx, thanks for the link to your recipe, I think I will give that a go, as you've used a lot less citric acid than my recipe called for! PV, I think the recipe I used was similar to yours, but had a lot more sugar! 30 elderflower heads/2kg sugar/1.5l water/3 lemons/80g citric acid. I think I need a new recipe. I'm just wondering what to do with the 1.5l of cordial I have sitting in the fridge! Lol!
  4. Hello All! I have always liked elderflower drinks (mainly greenbottle and belvoir!) So I've been thinking of making my own elderflower cordial, because I've read it tastes a lot nicer. I finally took the plunge and used our sunny bank holiday to the flowers and leave them in a sugear syrup to steep. I a took a small amount out of the bowl, added some water to dilute, and I was so dissapointed! It tastes... horrific and left a really odd after taste! I did realise that it was much to concentrated and it did become more pallatable when I diluted it further. Does anyone know what could have gone wrong? I pretty much followed the recipe exactly (from British Baking, Peyton and Byrne) which called for 30heads of elderflower, which I wasn't entirely sure how much, so I used everything I picked, which may have been more. Also, it didn't say anywhere to take the flowers off the stems, so I left small bits on in the syrup- fatal error? The only other thing I can think of is, I like the taste of the mass produced stuff, and don't like the flavour of 'real elderflower'? Any help would be awesome! A
  5. Thanks for that link. Any idea if there's any cash and carrys/shops that carry it, as my need is usually on short notice.
  6. Hello! Does anyone know where to buy cartons of liquid egg yolks, ideally in small quantities- 1l/1kg? Thanks! A
  7. Thanks for all the help!! Will definitely give everything a go- probably going to end up using a combination of all the ideas here. If there's a successful outcome at the end of it all, will keep you'll posted!! Thanks again!
  8. Both fantastic ideas. I was wondering though, if these methods will work specifically with macarons- considering how fickle the batter can be?
  9. Hello All!! I have a bit of random question. I'd like to make a bunch of different coloured macarons. I don't really need/want to make a batch (that makes about 40) for each colour I want- if there's a better way to do it. I really only need a a quarter of a batch in one colour and want about 7-10 different colours. Any one have any ideas or experience as to how I could go about doing this? Thanks!! A
  10. I was using a hand mixer but gave up! I will give it ago with my stand mixer and just leave them to it while I watch TV or something! Thanks for the advice guys!!
  11. Hi everyone!! I've just gone and bought some pasterised, liquid egg whites. There's nothing added to them, which means they won't whip up properly. Is there anything I can add to them that will allow them to whip and then bake? Agar perhaps? Thanks!
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