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  1. I'm a bit of a knife junkie, Yaxell would not be my first choice. Not very familiar with Hocho other offerings. Cleancut.se (Sweden) and Japanese Natural Stones (Denmark) both serve the Euro market well. I especially like Yoshikane offerings from Cleancut and Itinomonn from JNS. Diminishing returns will vary amongst different people but I find that north of 300USD is getting into aesthetics, 250 - 300 is my sweet spot for buying performance.
  2. I typically SV whole, sear the piece in a 500F oven, then cut it per application. Got a bottom round in right now for Sat dinner.
  3. @Shelby I have a nice doe in the freezer and for the first time I've cut a couple roasts off. (Normally I take out the loins and turn the rest to sausage) So I'm following your results closely. I had planned a dry rub of s&p and then 8 - 12 hrs in a 131F bath. Keep posting, between us we may get there. Edit: Wonder what part the onions in the bag played in this, did they help evoke memories of liver and onions? Don't think I've ever put onions in the bag before. Just a thot.
  4. @ Jo - I frequently do tough cuts and some not so tough cuts for the old folks home, 24 hrs @ 141F. (Tenderness is paramount) Gets very tender but not falling apart. Would think it would work well with Chuck. From the bath I then go to stir fry, stew, pot roast, sliced roast beast, etc. I can't cook at a lower temp but you could and results would be same.
  5. Assisted living retirement. Standard joke among staff is "I'll work here till I live here " Sometimes it feels like that may be 2morrow.
  6. Jo, The full bottom round is cheap - probably for just those reasons. Thus I have it on the menu in various forms 3 - 4 times a week. (Keeps the Anova humming) The roast is heavily seasoned (by SV standards) and bagged and tagged. 24 hrs is good, 48 is better. I use 141F to comply with Federal, State, County, Corporate, requirements. None of these entities know what SV is - I tell inspectors its an electric bain marie. And that's ok. The resultant product is then sliced thin for sandwiches, sliced as above for roast beef, cubed for beef stew, pot roast, or chunked for stir fry. It's fall apart tender and kind of tastes good. My gravy game has improved since I've been here. And by using the round I can put Tloin or PR on the menu once a month. Cmon down to Fl and I'll buy you lunch.
  7. For my Seniors where tender is as important as flavor. Finished product - Bottom round, approx 16#, 2 days @ 141F. Seared in 500F oven for 10 min.
  8. "Rules" are like speed limit signs - they are there for guidance. I don't want things on a plate to be fighting for attention but there's more to life than protien, starch and veg.
  9. After the roll is stuffed, bagged and tagged, I like to roll it in a sushi mat and tie it. Preserves the cylindrical shape.
  10. Nah, I was thinking since the bag juices are going to end up in the sauce, I seasoned the bag with paprika, some dried mustard, black pepper, a little salt. My poorly worded question (I'm claiming cell phone keypads) was if anyone else intentionally seasoned the bag for flavorful bag juices?
  11. Another day at the office. Leg of lamb (4), butterflied open, seasoned and bagged and tagged. 24 hrs @ 141f. Then cubed and made into a goulash for the retirement center. Super tender - my residents loved it. Due to recent discussions here I thought about the seasoning as I conjured it up. I was seasoning for the bag juices as much as I was the lamb. I probably season stronger than most but my sauce/gravy is usually nice. Anyone else season for the bag?
  12. I've had a few different ones and like the Mag Bloks a lot. The blade on wood contact feels more gentle than blade on stainless. You'll quickly get the hang of putting the spine perpendicular to the rack then "rolling" the blade face onto the rack and removing the knife in reverse.
  13. I'll beg forgiveness in advance......
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