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  1. Thanks everyone... an excellent response. I'll be sure to let you know what we select and how they fare :-)
  2. Hiya, Planning a trip to Burgundy to sample traditional Burgundian food. Price not an issue, can be tiny, oldy worldy places with grandma's home best home cooking but can also be fancy hotel etc etc. Whatever's good and traditional! (Not so interested for this trip on the modern/molecular). Thank you.
  3. Not sure what's going on with my computer as it doesn't seem to be allowing me to quote directly... also, I am in Spain on a dodgy internet connection having last night eaten at Dani Garcia's two star Calima, which, like over 99%* of my meals, was not a 'freebie'. Out of the 151 posts that are now on my blog, I think just 3 or 4 were comps (Aulis, Jamie Oliver, The Cube with Sat Bains) - with Aulis and Sat, I hardly run the risk of 'compromising my integrity' and with Jamie, I made clear at the end of the post that I suspected the quality I received would perhaps not be maintainable as time went on (subsequent visits have proved this to be the case and a return visit post is due). I have now added a disclaimer to the SoLita post and will endeavour to get another up that represents my subsequent meals there. To keep this post on subject... I do not regularly read any of the food critics. I may skim over if it is brought to my attention that they are reviewing a local resaurant or one that I have eaten (or plan to eat) at. With blogs too, there is none that I read regularly. I take a lot of your points on board... I generally agree with your points directed against bloggers. Of course, I do (and would) like to think mine is 'different'... I never refer to my posts as 'reviews' as despite the fact that I eat out several times a week and have eaten in some of the best restaurants in the world, I do not feel 'qualified' to 'review'... in my posts, I aim to just write up 'my experience' - one major downside is the fact that I love most foods and do tend to be very positive about most places. Perhaps I should, like most of your favourite critics, be more critical?
  4. You would think so However, as Harters says alas not. Maybe this restaurant believes that the opinions of an over zealous primrary school teacher will be a valuable source of business generation or a provide some expert culinary knowledge , however such sychophancy may actually have the paradoxical effect of dissuading anyone from wanting to go near the place. Thank you 'over zealous' is a very polite way of describing me! ;-)I have been back to SoLita on three occasions (as a full paying customer, no less) since this series of freebies and I stand by my initial comments. On the second occasion admittedly, there were some first week teething problems but by my third meal these seemed to have been resolved.
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