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  1. Anyone been recently? I've read a few reviews recently that stated Irving's no longer hand slices. Supposedly to reduce waste and cut costs. Curious if this is true. Looking for a good deli for Wednesday.
  2. Char Steakhouse (formerly Acqua) in Raritan on 202. I believe it opened a couple weeks ago. Anyone try it yet?
  3. Agreed, Ive made the drive to Lexington plenty of times to try the various Barbeque joints. Have never been to the festival and was curious.
  4. The 25th Annual Barbecue Festival is October 25th. http://www.barbecuefestival.com/home.html Has anyone been in prior years? Comments? Is it worth the drive up from Charlotte?
  5. RosaLuca's 1114 Route 173 Asbury, NJ 08802 908-238-0018
  6. Anyone tried this place? The online reviews seem encouraging. http://www.rosalucas.com/acclaim.html
  7. Sounds good. I'm checking it out this weekend.
  8. Actually, you have 1 more week to get to the Greek Store in Kenilworth before their summer vacation. "We will be closed for summer vacation August 6th through September 6th. We will re-open Thursday, September 7th. " I've been to plenty over the past 10 years and IMHO this is the best greek store in NJ.
  9. Not sure how far you're located from the Bridgewater Wegmans but they carry the dartagnan brand of Andouille. Not the very best but all in all not a bad product. It's a little over 6 dollars a pound and on rare occasions ive seen it on sale. Sounds crazy but Ive had to use it to substitue for tasso many times as I cant find tasso anywhere in NJ.
  10. I agree, the Michele Chiaro is our favorite wine in the 10 dollar range.
  11. Keys fisheries is actually an affiliate of Joe's stone crabs. This is the first year Joe's decided to prohibit keys fisheries to sell anything larger than their selects via mail order. I suppose enough people figured out to buy the exact same stone crabs from keys fisheries that Joe's has sell for a much higher price. My parents have a place in Marathon and thats how I first found out about them. I'm bummed because I've been buying from keys fisheries for years. I always ordered the large, I thought they were the perfect size with the jumbos being too large for my personal preference. With the no worry gurantee that keys fisheries stone crabs will be fresh and tasty you might want to give the selects a try. Selects are the in between size of medium and large. I've ordered them this season and although smaller than the large/jumbo they were still great. In the past I've mail ordered from Joe's, great but imhob too expensive though. Billys, http://www.stone-crabs.com/billys.html, imho not as good as keys fisheries. Montys, imho not as good as keys fisheries. I've never mail ordered but have bought take out from islamorada fish company many times and they were always fantastic also. This place looks promising although I've never ordered from them: http://www.keywestseafood.com Here's a link to the Florida fish and wildlife site about stone crabs: http://www.floridamarine.org/support/view_faqs.asp?id=20
  12. When we were out in SF we ate at the Hog Island Oyster Company at the ferry building market place. 1/2 the patrons at the oyster bar werent eating oysters but grilled cheese, so of course we had to try one. It was fantastic, it was called a rustic grilled cheese with Fromage Blanc, Mezzo Secco and Cave Aged Gruyere on fresh sourdough. Your place regardless of what you decide to call it will be a hit. Good luck Glenn.
  13. I would have thought you of all people would refrain from such absurd statements. I'm sure being a restaurant owner yourrself that you know how difficult it is to build a reputation. You don't even know the facts and you're already posting negative comments on this establishment. You might want to reconsider and actually EAT in the restaurant before commenting on it.
  14. As we approaced from 6th ave we could see the smoke in the distance. Anyway, as already said the lines were really, really, really long. We fought the good fight and managed to try 3 different booths. Lines averaged about an hour wait for us apiece, luckily we didnt know beer was restriced to certain areas as we were drinking in line. Lines were so long and wrapped around so much, sometimes you werent sure what you were waiting in line for. Beverage lines on the other hand moved fast. We had the Mithcells, 17th street and K.C Baron. Our favorite, surprsing us, was the K.C. brisket. The brisket was fantastic, some of the best we've had. We also got lucky and saw the Mitchell crew disecting a whole hog hot off the grill. We watched from the back area and they even threw us some ribs on the house. We also caught VH1 interviewing Ed Mitchell while we were there. Anyway, good luck if you go tomorrow, the lines really took the fun out of this event for us. K.C Brisket Blue Smoke Ribs Blue Smoke Mop 17th Street Ribs Lines The Hog Chopped Hog This is where they disected the hog and threw us some freebie ribs from the carcus. VH1 interviewing Ed.
  15. Could anyone help out with some wine recommendations for Gary Danko's. Not knowledgeable enough to pick out the best values on the list. Looking for a champagne and a food friendly red, maybe a pinot noir, barbera or dolcetto? Sure would appreciate any suggestions if you have the time. Would like to stay at or below the 100 dollar range per bottle. Thanks. http://www.garydanko.com/site/winelist.html
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