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  1. I need a small coffee espresso machine for my restaurant, I've been always using moka machine so far and i need it basically just for cappuccinos and lattemacchiato... 60/70 per day maximum. I also got that the minimum budget is around 2000$... of course to spend a bit less would be better but I don't want to renounce in any case to good quality........... I'll be looking trough names and forums you posted....... thank you people!
  2. Hello There, I am about to buy a small but professional coffee Espresso Machine... Which is your best pick?
  3. thanks for the feedback gfweb, i was also thinking to use sous vide to cook the brisket, but here i found mostly two different thought, smoke until is cocked or smoke and finish the cooking with steam or in water... will see, it just need very long time to compare all the possible variance. for the Saltpeter, well the first time i tried the recipe i didn't use saltpeter and the result was perfect, inside red/rosa perfect texture and taste... i made almost exactly the same for other two times and it came out some piece of brown rubber gum. I still don't understand but ii guess that the issue ab
  4. This is where i got in touch with Gullet... )
  5. Yes Petersalt first of all and sorry for my english then. In the failed tests, i was not using Petersalt at all it was just a wet brine from this recipe - http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/emeril-lagasse/beef-pastrami-recipe/index.html - a thing i noticed is that those times in comparison with the good one the brine was getting kind of thick jelly, my thought is that the brine got satured with fat and was not enough `agressive´for the meat. Thank you for the help...
  6. Hello everybody, I want to introduce a topic to all of you with some pastrami experience. I'm keeping on trying to get the perfect seasoning, cooking recipe since a couple of months. But some of my experience were a total failure because after 3 weeks of wet seasoning smoking and some stem to get it warm and tender, some of them result to be with the inner part brown and not the red/rosa which we usually see in good pastrami. I'm asking myself why.... I was first thinking that the reason was overcooking, but then i start to observe them and i noticed they they were slightly red-colored just u
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