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  1. Just visited curedmeats blog. Excellent idea for cooking.
  2. Thanks for suggestion. I love watching cooking videos. I will surely watch it.
  3. I think Foodsaver Customer Support is only and good thing that can help you in this case.
  4. Yes I too agree with you. Whole food is best place to find such stuffs. I was also about to suggest before reading your post.
  5. Yes its really looking good book. I will also try to order it.
  6. Nice to hear that Ursino is good place. Do you have any idea regarding what is the opening hours of the restaurants?
  7. I also agree with what mgaretz says. Every teaching depends on the teacher who is teaching you. If he/she has good ways of explaining you then you will surely get benefit of classes.
  8. Why it is not there nowadays? Any special reason. If everything was fine it must be getting good response.
  9. Butter in ice-cream is quiet different. i heard that flavors are added in ice cream. But why butter if ice cream is already very smooth.
  10. The chefs which are irresponsible can do such things. But its very bad.
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