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  1. Since this is a thread dedicated to Niche, thought I would provide some updates. Niche has closed thier Benton Park location and opened in a new location in Clayton. Next door to the new location of Niche they have opened Pastaria, an excellent, more financially approachable restaurant specializing in Pasta and Pizza. I have eaten at both places now a few times, and both are excellent, as you would expect.
  2. Just my two sense, i have never cooked scallops in sous vide. But, with steaks, once they reach thier desired temperature, you can keep them there for quite awhile over the suggested time. So, if scallops work the same, and the temp is the same for the steak and scallops, time should not really matter in this case.
  3. Oh wow! Thank you! I was raised on homemade mole but no one has the recipe anymore. I have always wanted to make this but always forget about it until I have it. I just pulled this from epicurious and it is on my weekend list!
  4. Thanks everyone for the info. Will give it a shot. The confit recipe we are using does create a salty confit when we eat it right away, great point that the salt taste "mellows" over time. It seems the recipe we are using may be right then for jarring. Great point about freezing them in the bag too. I have always been adverse to refrezing meat items. Will give that a shot, we have plenty of freezer space, just was thinking it would be nice to have everything canned and out of the way. Thanks!
  5. Wow, we did not even think of using a large bottle versus the bag. The bags worked well though considering afterwards we just reused the orginal vodka bottle to store the booze. Thanks for the suggestion!
  6. We used the Modernist Cuisine as a guide. We used 122F for three hours. Had great results then did a second larger batch at eight hours. The second batch had more flavor, but not significantly more. Pictures attached. I think you could have great luck with the Horseradish Vodka, let me know how it goes and the temp etc.
  7. Sorry if this has been written about so far, but I looked and could not find it. I am about to make a large bit of Duck Confit, and curious what is the process to can (in a jars) the confit. I read the Duck Confit thread, and the writer stated you could jar them and it would last, but it was light in detail since that was not the actual topic he was writing about. I am finding it hard to find actual information on the web or in preserving books to actually preserving the cofit. Here are my questions if anyone can help.... 1. How long do i boil the jars to ensure everything is sterile. ( i plan on using the smallest Ball jars ) 2. Can I keep the preserved confit in a basement or cool place versus in the fridge. My point in preserving this is to keep from the fridge. 3. Any idea how long it will last, or i guess how long until the layer of duck fat on the top will last before it spoils/goes rancid ? 4. Can i use a water bath (sous vide or without bag) to heat the jars? I do not have a pressure cooker but do have a Polyscience Immersion Circulator. 5. If yes on the Polyscience Immersion Circulator, any idea on temp etc. Any luck with bags or no bags? Thanks for any help !
  8. Hey all, as an experiment we have been using the sous vide method to infuse various flavors of Vodka. I have infused vodka before using time and a dark cool room, but the sous vide method is a lot quicker, four to six hours versus a month. If anyone is interested in recipes, times etc. let me know and I will start posting our recipes as we come up with them. So far we through together vodka with chiles and sun dried tomatoes for Bloody Marys and a bacon infused vodka as a "for fun" idea. The Bloody Mary vodka so far is the winner. Next in line is a lemon (or mixed citrus) and a basil something, still not sure on that one.
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