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  1. I'm updating my list so as to be more specific. 1. Oyster 2. Crab 3. Wild Blackberry — I absolutely love blackberry!!! 4. Rare Prime Rib of Beef 5. Smoked Salmon 6. Butter 7. Bourbon! I absolutely love the flavor of good bourbon! 8. Fish sauce — I'm an umami addict. 9. Blue Cheese 10. Sea Scallops 11. Memphis-Style Pulled Pork 12. Anchovy 13. Bacon 14. Cucumber 15. Morel Mushroom
  2. I need to add cucumber to my list. How could I forget cucumber?
  3. My sister works in an elementary school cafeteria in ND. She doesn't need the job, but she loves the kids. The kitchen crew works very hard to perform magic with what they're given — the kids generally like the food.
  4. DiggingDogFarm

    Dinner 2020

    All are some of my favorite foods!
  5. I should have added carpal tunnel syndrome in both wrists.
  6. I've tried that! Potential hot food spatter is a serious issue!
  7. I can't stand for long. Tremor makes doing things difficult. My short-term memory is bad. I have a tiny kitchen with little space. I have a one bay sink that makes washing dishes a pain. But I'm mostly tired and lazy. I haven't touched the Instant Pot Duo Mini 7-in-1 Three-Quart that I bought almost 3 years ago!!! @Shelby Inspired me to get a springform pan for Instant Pot cheesecakes —it's brand new and unopened! If I can't work for cheesecake, that's BAD, real BAD!!! LOL
  8. I can't remember how I found the site. I lurked here many years before I joined. I joined in 2011 because of sous vide.
  9. Tremor leaves me struggling with a small open cup of coffee or tea. I'm considering ordering this... Stanley Adventure Tough-To-Tip Admiral's Mug I drink coffee or tea in bed so it's very important that it not tip and spill. I sit my cup on a bamboo cutting board beside me.
  10. Anova Interior: 16.9in x 10in Hotel Pan Sizes Sheet Pan Sizes
  11. I'm going to check with tech support again, if the answer is the same I'll send him a letter. I need a good writer to write it — anybody?
  12. That's what I was told when I chatted with tech support.
  13. I'm pissed off at Amazon. I won't be buying anymore Kindle books. I have a household member account, Kenny — my housemate — has the main account. They won't let me switch to my own account — and pay for my own account — without losing all my Kindle books! Hundreds of dollars worth of books! Total bullshit!
  14. I have a relatively small porcelain one. All I use that one for is turning curing salt and salt into a powder when dry curing—it'll stick to the meat better.
  15. I have 5—I like granite the best.
  16. A tiny bit of acidity where more isn't appropriate. I keep vinegar in a dropper bottle. A tiny bit of malic acid adds "smack" to tartar sauce and the like. This is a good topic.
  17. Fish sauce, as others have mentioned—it's been a real game changer for me. Especially the good stuff like Red Boat.
  18. I describe it as "celery on steroids!"
  19. For what it's worth, Rozanne Gold has written a series of 3-ingredient cookbooks.
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