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  1. Chess Cake? I haven't had it, but it always seems to get rave reviews.
  2. I cut them lenghwise. I like the extra room for piping on "filling."
  3. I was looking for unique recipes the other day. One was ham balls in pineapple preserves. Apricot sounds good!
  4. The three most popular potluck items around here are usually, mac & cheese, baked beans, and deviled eggs.
  5. Yeah, Mom had Tupperware ones years ago.
  6. I have two of the Rubbermaid deviled egg trays w/ lids.
  7. I have three family reunions coming up.
  8. It can be any dish-to-pass and I'm willing to make anything.
  9. What are your favorite summer potluck dishes (recipes)? I usually bake brownies! LOL
  10. I first learned about Duke's from @btbyrd on the Chefsteps forum...several years ago now.
  11. It was introduced here fairly recently. Mrs. Filbert's was available here for decades, it was great years ago. I think it was also made by Sauer, but I don't think they still make it.
  12. Mayo is a staple in low-carb eating...so I wouldn't know where to begin listing the many ways I use it and homemade mayo. 🙂
  13. It was available here until the supply-chain crisis.
  14. Yeah, I've bought it for years now...can't live without it. 🙂
  15. Walmart currently has it for $4.22!
  16. I just ordered a new batch of Duke's from Target. 🙂 Currently $4.49.
  17. Martin Fisher


    I thought you ordered it from Target once. Or maybe that was me! LOL
  18. Before my Dad and them had proper refrigeration and freezing. They used to just let meat hang in the shed all winter (mostly deer), cutting off some as needed. I wanted that, but then I met people. Love is toxic and it'll destroy your dreams.
  19. I may be able to use a Yixing. I'd just need to choose times when tremor isn't bad.
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