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  1. Those are a great find Blue Dolphin, Fostoria is great quality glassware. Those glasses are "Pine" made 1953.-1972. Nothing can compare to drinking classic cocktails from real vintage cocktail glass.
  2. We have a Pizza chain in Michigan, I do not know if they are throughout the mid west or only Mi. but Jets is a franchise pizzeria/delivery, and they have a very good deep dish pizza. Nice fresh mushrooms, real cheese, crust that is soft and crunchy on the corner edges, really quite good! I for one do not like Frozen pizza, something about the crust is all wrong. The best Pizza is usually found at local Italian Restaurants. So I would suggest trying to find a local recommendation when in a new area.
  3. If you do a Google search for vintage cocktail or champagne glasses you will find many on line sellers. I cannot vouch for any of them( except my self, lol) as regards to shipping safely, quality & pricing, but supporting small business owners and buying green is always a great way to go! In my area Thrift stores, Estate sales, & yard sales are always good sources but it really does depend on where you are living. The glasses above were found at a thrift store!
  4. My personal favorite combo for the Mai Tai is La Favorite coeur de rhum vieux (aged) + Appleton 12 years, staying with the Trader Vic formula (aged rhum agricole + Jamaican rum). But there is only one way to find out - try different combos until you find one you like! I've never had Depaz so I don't know how it compares to other rhum agricoles. I would think that you need something with enough funk to really stand out in this drink. Some of the aged rhums can be too smooth. I've been using the Trader Vic recipe upthread (post #9) and have started using Clement Creole shrubb recently as the orange curacao, which works better than Cointreau, after a side-by-side test. As for the passion fruit, I have a bottle of passion fruit syrup but have found it surprisingly not very versatile. I love passion fruit but it is such an intense flavor that it is hard to use well in mixed drinks. Recently though I made the Hart of Darkness from Beachbum Berry Remixed for Mixology Monday, and it was quite nice. It only uses 0.5 oz (I don't think more would be very good). This is my favorite as well. A great Mai Tai! I also love your glass!
  5. You have got me wanting to try this Violet Liqueur! I have never heard of it. But I recently had a "French Pear" with Grey Goose La Poire, St. Germain Elderflower liqueur, Gruet Brut, & a lemon twist; served up. at the Hotel D'Anza in California. This also whetted my appetite for flower libations! If you are ever in San Jose, Ca. This hotel had the best jazz and sublime cocktails in a beautiful setting, we go here every time we visit San Jose!
  6. Chris I recently acquired the same "curlicue" champagne glasses. I have been trying to find out what I can. I have a vintage online store & I can't decide whether to keep them or sell them. This is a common problem for me as I love glassware, and entertaining/serving items, but how many do you really need? I will be sure to let you know when I find out who made them & when.
  7. Hi Texas Cocktail Geek I recently joined eG, I realize this is an old post and you may have already learned this info. I have an online vintage store and I was researching cocktail glasses like the one you & your wife enjoy using. They are from Libbey Rock Sharpe pattern #3002 circa 1950. They are selling between $6.00-$8.00 each. I myself love vintage bar ware and have to have my drinks in the proper glass, I always want the pretty one. I do love a good side car too, this glass would be perfect! To me, everything tastes better in vintage glasses! Bridget
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