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  1. Just tried a new place called Ursino. It's unusual cause its on Kean University campus, but its a regular public restaurant. A friend of mine took me there because we used to frequent David Drakes and his former chef Peter Turso is the chef here, and Richard Spaulding the manager, also from Drakes. Everything we tried was great, especially the fire and ice oysters, half served cold and half hot, both delicious. I could have eaten them all night. Also the salmon was realy good, served over diced eggplant and french green beans in a tomato-fennel broth. The warm chocolate souffle cake was awesome! I'd go back just for that. Anyway. seems like it has alot of potential. A place to keep an eye on for sure.
  2. sjr3

    David Drake

    $35 is very reasonable for a restaurant the calibur of David Drake's. Where do you dine that you find cheaper wines?
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