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  1. I've had great success with the cannele recipe in Toothache Magazine: https://toothachemagazine.com/collections/print-issues/products/toothache-issue-04-preorder. It's not free, unfortunately, but it was developed with a lot of testing and trial and error, which is always fun to read about. More labour intensive, but never had any failure with it in my home kitchen. I do use copper molds though along with a mixture of beeswax and clarified butter to line the moulds. No need for a hot steel base.
  2. Thanks all! Everyone is always so helpful here 😄 I will try without the praline paste and go hunting for some cookie butter. If I can't find cookie butter, I'll probably make some cookies myself since I'm inside anyways...
  3. I'm looking to make a speculoos bonbon (moulded). Does anyone know if it would work if I made a crumbly speculoos paste and then added praline paste only, maybe around 1/4 to 1/3 of the weight of the baked cookies? I don't want dilute the speculoos flavor and I actually quite like sandy textures...
  4. I can echo Tri2Cook's experience of having the nozzle clogged. Clean up was a drag! I found that the chocolate cooled down too quickly, even when heating up the whipper to the 90 F. I guess that's why Heston's recipe/method has its appeal, but I didn't want to create a vacuum seal!
  5. Thanks Kerry! Will proceed to reuse 😁
  6. I made aerated chocolate using the recipe from Greweling's "Chocolates & Confections." However, the air bubbles are not very big and I'm not a huge fan of the finished result. I would much prefer to reuse it in a different form. Any idea if it would be possible to melt and reuse the couverture? Or is it doomed since now it has a bunch of O2/NO in it? I worked so hard to get the bubbles in and now I want them out! 😣
  7. I've also used a thermapen with fine results. Never seen or read about the use of a refractometer with caramels.
  8. I tried it several months ago. I've had Genin's passionfruit mango caramels many a time--I think the flavor compares quite favorably and it was very soft yet could still be cut. One thing I remember not liking about the recipe was that it was a bit oily/buttery on the surface. Could be because butter over here is not the same as over there. In response to someone's question if jus was the same as puree, I'm quite sure it is yes for these cases. In any case, that is what I used and what is usually used in France.
  9. Syzgies--do you use the immersion sous vide directly in the chocolate, forgoing water? I've always wondered if you could do that--I don't want to have to use bags, etc.
  10. Thanks Tri2Cook, Chocolat, and Pastrygirl! By the time I get it, easter will be over, but it's so cute!
  11. Chocolat, those bunnies are so cute! Where did you find the molds?
  12. Thanks! I'll check e-bay but my guess is I'll probably be tempering by hand for a while...
  13. I've been thinking about getting one--do you mind sharing your sources for the good price? 400 just seems so high for me, since I've read uneven reviews... thanks!
  14. Hi, I'd be really interested in both--so glad I looked at this thread! (I'm not currently a professional but did go to school and did a short stint, but it sounds like that won't be a problem?) Thanks!
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