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  1. Here you go http://www.nisbets.co.uk/3/Kitchen-Food-Storage-Polycarbonate-Gastronorms/c01c02c02.r10.1 Hope this helps
  2. a decent restuarant in Edinburgh has a nice haggis starter that I have managed to cobble together at home. Form the haggis into patties, dip in egg and coat in pinhead oatmeal, fry. serve with a whiskey ceam and leek sauce. Or you can do chicken balmoral, chicken breast stuffed with haggis, pan fried and served with a whiskey cream sauce and vegies of your choice, butter fondant potatoes goes well imho. google chicken balmoral there are loads of recipes out there for it with the whiskey sauce. Tom
  3. I'm just starting to do some of the recipes from MC now but over the last months or so I have used/applyd stuff from it. I am looking forward to this next "volume". Probably looking at collecting everything that comes out of that organisation/lab tom
  4. I have had the same problem, tried them again for 2 hours at 84C and they were much better with a soft buttery texture. Tom
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