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  1. This is the best write up I could find - thanks - any update on your results of your multiple Prosciutto's? I'm interested to hear what more you may have learned. Thanks!
  2. Tried the Heston fries (per his cooking show on YouTube ) today. Did per video's instructions, adding freezing step between steps 2 & 3 (per his book, I hear). Very good - Thinking this one through, the freezing seems key - between steps 1/2 and 2/3 - not for direct drying, but for indirect, as a frozen baton of potato will take more time in the oil to get to the cusp of browning in step 2, and browning, in step 3, if frozen. This gives the water on the outer portion of the baton more time to boil (or sublimate, in the beginnning of 3) away before being "done". Either way, yummy. It
  3. I too failed with this one - definitely does not look like the picture in the book - anyone figure out a correction yet?
  4. I have had excellent SV results with tougher venison (wild, that is) cuts - ie neck roast and round - with 24 hrs at 55C. Put in bag frozen, suck a vacuum, then SV. Brown in very hot oil pan when I'm done. mmmm mmm good. No nasty gaminess or mushiness - just good venison flavor and an appropriate meat texture.
  5. That's not how it was calculated - total mass of everything is 29.6 lbs, total mass of water is the 24.27 mentioned in the calculations: 6a. a. Add up the weight of everything -- water, meat, salt and sugar: 24.27 + 0.728 + 0.485 = 25.483. So if you need 200ppm of TOTAL mass, it's 41.3 g (41.3/(454*29.6))= 200 x 10-6 updated spreadsheet showing my work: https://docs.google.com/open?id=0BxhjOiDfzB8ENmI5OTMyMmQtZDQwNS00YzNhLTkxZDYtYzM1YmQ2N2VhNWJl
  6. wrt calculation a la Bertolli: I know it has been a while, but... a couple questions, as I'm going to attack a Berkshire Belly, pretty high % fat. 1) Moisture content of fat is ~ 0% - this should be accounted for, no? If I conservatively assume 50% fat, we're down to 30 g pink salt and 250g salt and 185g sugar... 2) Is the 200 ppm for all the water content (as was calculated) or all the mass (as was stated)? If attachments work, I've put my spreadsheet below (unpolished) https://docs.google.com/open?id=0BxhjOiDfzB8ENDBiMDlkZTktOWZiMS00ZGQ4LTk3OGMtNTcxMTNhMjc4NTE4 wrt calculatiing % salt: ht
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