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  1. Hello, I'm from Mumbai, India and I'm visiting Paris in a few weeks and I'd like to try great vegetarian friendly restaurant and also molecular gastronomy if you'll have suggestions. Many thanks.
  2. Hello, I'm from Mumbai, India and I'm visiting Paris in a few weeks and I'd like to shop for speciality ingredients, kitchen tools and molecular supples. Any suggestions for shops in Paris? Many thanks.
  3. :-) Thanks Katie and DTBarton. Faux meat is well, just not happening... Yes we are looking for the New England vibe and will go with the stuffed roasted pumpkin
  4. Thanks Ttogull. I personally enjoy the taste of Seitan, but strangely never thought of making it! - It always felt too 'machine made/processed' I am not doing it for thanksgiving, but will definitely try it out later.
  5. Thank you DiggingDogFarm - I am going to make this!
  6. To back up - are the people you are cooking for familiar with traditional US Thanksgiving meals and want to experience it in some way or is this a theme you have chosen? The difference to me would be whether there are expectations of certain flavors or if you just want to present a unique meal that riffs on Thanksgiving. Thanks Heidi - I have both people familiar (US Consulate) and people unfamiliar (locals) at my dinner :-) I'm inclined to go with the Roasted Stuffed Pumpkin, I feel it somehow aligns a bit with the 'stuffed' part whilst staying away from mock meat.
  7. I was thinking of preparing a thanksgiving dinner this year - completely vegetarian, eggs ok. I'm in India, so no access to fake/soy turkeys. Any ideas?
  8. Thanks Joan Cassell, Sur La Table was fantastic! I ended up going to the one at Pentagon Row, in Arlington, Virginia and it was wonderful. The staff was super helpful and I appreciated the fact that they had multiple brands of the same items at various price points.
  9. I recently had the wonderful opportunity of photographing a story called Captain Cooks for Vogue magazine (India edition). The magazine enlisted 15 top chefs from around the world to share 1 of their recipes that define the year ahead for them. Ferran Adria's Mint Pond was one of them... As one of the few dishes (that I know of) that invoke the sense of sound whilst eating, it was especially hard work to freeze the pond just right, so as to create a hard ice layer on top, whilst maintaining liquid below. A bit of dry ice between the black pebbles helped create the smoke/mist to add to the cold feel. The full story is available on my blog at http://foodphotography.in/celebrating-the-worlds-top-chefs-with-vogue/ Bouquets and Brickbats welcome!
  10. Hello, I'm a food photographer based in Mumbai, India and will be visiting the US later this month. I am keen to visit, window shop and shop at various Kitchen Tools & Chef Supply stores in St Louis, Chicago, Washington DC, Boston and NYC. I would prefer this to shopping online. Could any fellow members recommend suitable places in either or all of the 5 cities? In Singapore I saw http://www.tottstore.com/ Tools of the Trade which was great. Thanks in advance!
  11. My vote goes to: "Teri Campbell" [has] a brilliant book on food photography. Teri is a great food photographer and more importantly a wonderful chap too. Food Photography & Lighting: A Commercial Photographer's Guide to Creating Irresistible Images The book describes both his journey and the process of various food shoots. His lighting style is super simple and is a snap to re-create. As a food photographer for 15 years myself I thoroughly enjoyed the book and am quite sure even newbies will not have trouble with it. The Kindle version when viewed on an iPad or Fire is brilliant, but go for the printed version if you prefer that.
  12. Thanks TheTInCook. The video is nice, however it is only viewable from within the United States. I'm sure a lot of our community is from elsewhere. Youtube Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8eV1D1YTygg Or if you like: For non US members: A simple way to view US only content: Go to: http://anonymizer.nntime.com/ Select a country (USA), then state, enter any URL (http://www.hulu.com/marcels-quantum-kitchen) and press "GO" This sends your request through a specified country server, and allows you to view the content. P.S. I used CA - Walnut
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