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  1. Thanks for that Liuzhou ,trouble is since she moved from Safeways she seems to have disappeared into the ether as an independant consultant a great loss very few of these MW are able to locate good wine at reasonable prices.
  2. Cilantro tastes disgusting to my palate I was told that it started being used in very hot countries when there was no refridgeration to hide the taste of putrefying meat I would prefer the flavour of bad meat.Even the smell of fresh coriander when used in cooking is nauseating,strangely I have no problem with coriander seed.
  3. Heston is typical of celebrity chefs when it comes to writing cookery books,they just take the money and are not interested in accuracy.When the likes of GOURMET had their test kitchens a different culture ruled.Now any thing goes take the money and to hell with the mug that bought the book.
  4. I'm not surprised, we stayed there about two years ago. It was overpriced then, particulary the wine list. When we told the waitress to leave the bread plates for the main course 'in case we wanted it to mop the sauce up' she laughed - they didn't do sauce, just a smear on the plate with tiny portions. A rip off - we said they would never last.
  5. I'm not surprised, we stayed there about two years ago. It was overpriced then, particulary the wine list. When we told the waitress to leave the bread plates for the main course 'in case we wanted it to mop the sauce up' she laughed - they didn't do sauce, just a smear on the plate. A rip off - we said they would never last.
  6. I suggest you look at this link to see why pigs blood is so salty. http://forums.egulle... +pony +& +trap See bottom of page
  7. I too wonder what goes on Scott. Take for instance 'Good Food Guide restaurant of the Year' The Plough at Longparish which opened earlier this year ,the chef here names Maze in his pedigree. We went to try the a la cart menu. We had a starter and main course each, we then left without risking a dessert. Three of the dishes were poorly presented, average uninspired cooking, one was disgusting. The only dishes coming out of the kitchen that looked good were fish & chips. The next day we went to Bluebells at Sunningdale (not in any guides that I know of) the three course lunch was great, they have an excellent chef, though not well known, the owner/maitre'd and staff are friendly and efficient. The bill, including coffee, a dessert and home made bread (none was even offered at The Plough) was only £10 more. I would be interested if anyone else has been to The Plough.
  8. Good report John ,I could not understand your comment on the chips though 'underseasoned', was there no saltcellar on the table?
  9. Shalmonese you are quite right ours kept breaking when we tried to use them for mixing bread dough,we were told by the manufacturers that they changed to nylon to make them run quieter but within 12months they reverted to metal.
  10. These firms all go through phases my experiences were 20years ago,we always said they were good machines for people that did not do much cooking.
  11. Stop looking at Kenwoods if you are going to use it a lot.They had a twat on their design team some while ago that put nylon drive cogs in them,they sent us a bagful to replace them as they broke. Went to restaurant sale once that had six Kenwoods only the last one in working condition.We moved on to a Hobart no trouble. The current models may be better,but perhaps the idiot still works for them.
  12. Good reports John. Did you have any wine or other drinks at either restaurant? Did you stay anywhere interesting in the area.
  13. Palate and taste preference are strange things , I think the taste and smell of fresh coriander is appalling, I think its use started in India to conceal the use of food going off in the hot climate.Back to subject, If unlike me you do not mind a hint of chlorine in your food i.e you like dishes with saffron in them, which to me always has the flavour of chlorine, try some frozen crab brands you might fnd them acceptable.
  14. I too am a lover of the crab flavour but forget tinned or frozen. The tinned is usually pasturized removing 90% of the taste and frozen often tastes strongly of chlorine ,that applies to all the brands I have sampled,get it fresh or leave alone is my advice.
  15. Get a life David ,Campbell is history nobody will work with the man he is so arrogant,he says he is going to open two top class restaurants this year but do not hold your breath.
  16. You are lucky - where do you live, obviously not the home counties.
  17. I had to google cukes to find out what you were talking about,try english it makes life easier.
  18. What is a whelk gayette even google does not recognize the word.
  19. Joe is right. There is more to fine dining than some lobster and truffle. By the nature of the place it was not a fine dining restaurant, well it wouldn't be in the UK. I assume you are in Holland?? Once again nothing on your profile to tell readers where you are talking of.
  20. Hey Sid, your right they are inconsistent, and Madam is unable to accept any criticism whatsoever, constructive or otherwise. Did you try Lumiere, best in Cheltenham, and far more pleasant in many ways. I would be intrigued to know your definition and criteria whereby you draw the conclusion of inconsistency? Wait until you read my review, it will be up shortly. Who knows you may just have a eureka moment. You need one I think inconsistency is when one course is rubbish in an otherwise wonderful meal but don't let madam hear your comments or you will be turned to stone. Will certainly try Lumiere next time we are up that way. I see they have a top rating in Hardens, that is our food bible these days since we were kicked out of the reporters at the GFG because we complained that their offical reviewers were telling restaurants when they were visiting.
  21. Well at least David it made a change for you to be talking about a restaurant instead of all the crap on GBM. I find it very sad that good chefs get stars in their eyes and want to go on TV. The chefs get so far up their own arses they forget what good cooking is all about and never return to being the craftsmen they were. We love CS but have found them to be inconsistant occasionally. But Madam, a lovely lady, does not take criticism kindly.
  22. Heston does not have to change there are still enough mugs out there to keep the Fat Duck full every day.He provides an entertaining experience with some wonderful dishes and others complete crap.When you go to the Fat Duck you will not find many Brits eating ,most who want to have tried it and dismissed it,he is now harvesting his worldwide audience and good luck to him.
  23. Obviously despite the recession there are still plenty of idiots out there with money to throw away. You made a wise decision David. Good luck to René Redzepi and co though, if there are mugs out there with money to throw away milk them for all you can get.
  24. Does anyone know the name and location of the wine lady that was working for Safeways when Morrisons took them over she was great on taste and price.I have tried at least twelve of Morrisons wines and not a good one amongst them?
  25. John you are right they are worth a visit. Their fresh fish counter is good, they don't sell 'previously frozen' unlike Tesco and Waitrose. Their bread is properly seasoned unlike Waitrose where the 'food police' have moved in. A lot of their pastries are good, their cheese counter is crap and their wine buyer has no palate. When they took over Safeways they lost an excellent wine buyer who bought lovely wines at low prices, unfortunately I can't remember her name.
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