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  1. I really do not think Paris is “démodé” (I know Lyon very little and cannot talk about it). Now, New York is probably the most European influenced city in the US and France in Europe still has a lot of influence in the cooking world.

    The French are very passionate about great ingredients, great cooking and great service....and also about refinement on the table (china, silver, etc...). It's also a great wine country. The combination of everything together make a very unique experience for the gourmets.

    In France, Alain Ducasse concepts are a truly beautiful experience. I also like Guy Savoy, Alain Passard and many more very good Chefs....

    Now it doesn't mean other cultures don't provide a great experience. I love Italian food, Thai food, Vietnamese food and Japanese food. Morocan and Indian are also very interesting, but at the very top of the industry, France is still an inspiration for all of the above.

    American Chefs are doing amazing work....Thomas Keller, Charlie Trotter, Wolfgang Puck, Tom Colicchio...etc, but ask Thomas or Charlie where have they been influenced?

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